What Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress?

Dressing sense matters the most when one is to look beautiful and dashing. Pairing the dress is important when one is choosing the right shoes to go with the outfit. The black dress is a very common choice for all and matches with all colors.

There is a saying, “The right shoes make the outfit complete; stepping into elegance with a black dress is choosing your path on the runway of style.” When one is adorned with stylish shoes and wearing a black dress, then it could be an appealing one.

If you are a man or woman searching for the perfect footwear to complement your black dress, then read this article to get an idea about what shoes to wear with a black dress. 

What Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress? – For Women

As we know, women are more fashionable. They love to wear different types of attire, accessories, and outfits to look presentable in society.

If they are wearing a dress like black, then they need to know what shoes to wear with a black dress. So, here are some pairing shoes you can choose to address your style complements. 

1. Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes are liked by all for their bold look and shiny colors. It has gold, silver, bronze, or other metallic hues available in the market you can buy to match your black dress.

When one adorns these metallic shoes, it gives beauty to your personality. Most women love to wear it for its reflective surfaces that dazzle all day and night, which creates an admirable look to your personality. 

There are different types of metallic shoes, like:

  • Classic Metallic Pumps: For a chic and glamorous appearance, this classic metallic pump is the best choice. These shoes can be worn with your black dress, whatever your purpose may be. Either you are going for an outing or visiting any party or wedding venue. Just its simple design and style enhance your everyday looks, which upgrade the style of your adorable personality.
  • Strappy Sandals with Metallic Accents: If you are searching for shoes to wear with a black dress, then these strappy sandals are the best outfit for you. When it comes to casual free looks, these metallic accents can be the right footwear for all your summer events, or if you are planning to go for an evening affair, then this outfit is a great selection. When you want to add feminine and eye-catching elements to your black attire, this is a perfect idea.
  • Edgy Metallic Ankle Boots: If one needs a contemporary look and even to look more edgy, then metallic ankle boots are the perfect outfit. Whatever your dressing choice may be, like wearing your black crop top or half-leg jeans, pairing these shoes can give you an amazing look. 
  • Sneakers with Metallic Details: The sneakers types of shoes are best when you are wearing any black outfit. It can be adorned for both occasions, like when you are going for a casual walk or any night outing party. As these shoes are designed with full strips and lace, they look great when you step in anywhere.

2. Black Shoes

Many varieties of black shoes can be adorned with your black outfits. If you are tired of your monotonous and boring styles, then look below to wear the best footwear for your best black outfits. 

There are different types of black shoes, like:

  • Classic Black Pumps: When it comes to more demanding footwear, this classic black pump comes first on the list. Why is it more demanding? You know them for their clean, sleek lines and silhouette features. It can be worn for all events, like social gatherings, weddings, or business parties. 
  • Black Wedges: If you are looking to wear shoes with your black outfits for your semi-formal events and summer parties, then black wedges are best. This footwear is very lightweight, so it is very comfortable and has longer durability than other shoes. 
  • Black Espadrilles: This black espadrilles is not only the best for warm weather but also great for casual outings. It can be adorned with your black dress both for casual and summery. All like these for low-weight shoes for their jute sole, canvas or fabric upper, and comfortable slip-on design. 
  • Black Sandals: Black Sandals are the most popular style of choice for women who want an airy and classy style. One can wear it with their black gown if they want to go to any casual to semi-formal events. One can even wear this outfit in warm weather. Looks awesome for its styles and open-toe design. It is available in various styles like strappy, slides, or gladiators, and it is also available with flat or heeled soles.
  • Black Oxfords: Black Oxfords are a great choice for their timeless and formal needs. Get a polished androgynous look by wearing this to any formal events. Also, it can be the best as your business attire. It is available in a lace-up closure design or closed lacing system and a low heel.
  • Black Sneakers: At the time, casual and sporty, this black sneaker is the right selection for those who need everyday wear or require casual outings, or when comfort is a priority. These shoes are very comfortable because they have rubber soles and a lace-up or slip-on design available in numerous materials and styles. 

3. Brown Shoes

In the world of footwear, when it comes to the choice of versatility, classic and timeless brown shoes hold a unique position. It can be the best attire for various outfits and occasions that create a seamless blend.

Many types of brown shoes can adorn your black western dress here that can add a touch of sophistication to all your attire. 

There are different types of brown shoes, like:

  • Oxford Brown Shoes: Timeless and sophisticated, brown Oxford shoes are a staple for formal occasions. Having attractive features like closed lacing and a sleek design. This makes them perfect for business attire. 
  • Derby Brown Shoes: Brown derby shoes are the best ones for a sense of beauty and elegant looks. The pair is well-fashioned with your business casual black outfits and adorning, and this can offer you a relaxed look. 
  • Loafers Brown Shoes: Brown loafers add a laid-back and offer a refined touch to your ensemble. This loafer, which is light, mid, or dark brown shades, can be a fabulous style of choice for both casual and semi-formal settings. This urges the wearer to have a comfortable feeling and look stylish.

Apart from all these other beautiful shoes, one can adorn their black dress with animal print shoes, colorful shoes, and nude shoes. So, adorning all these can give women a classy and adorable look. 

What Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress? –  MEN

There is a saying that first impressions last a long time; if one wants to keep their last impression, adorning with a well-fitted, exclusive black dress is a great choice for men. Let’s explore in the section below here:

1. Classic Elegance with Black Oxfords

When one wants to look more sophisticated and stylish, then black oxfords are the right choice for them. More people prefer this footwear for its timeless design and polished finish. When men wear this black oxford, it brings a minimalistic appeal to its clean lines design.

2. Contemporary Charm with Loafers

Pairing loafers with the exclusive black dress can make you more modern and relaxed. These slip-on shoes come in numerous styles, starting from classic to penny loafers to contemporary tassel or bit loafers. Loafers provide a smart-casual edge while maintaining a touch of elegance.

3. Versatility of Brogues

More people wear this for its flair and versatility of design qualities. When looking more decorative, this footwear is best for its intricate perforations and decorative patterns.

If you want any type of brogues, black and brown can match your black dress more than other colors. It is a match for both formal and stylish wear.

4. Edgy Appeal with Chelsea Boots

Searching for what shoes to wear with a black dress? Pairing Chelsea boots is more in trend for fashion with edgy appeal looks. Wearing a slim and sleek fusion footwear style with high-ankle boots is the best one.

So, choosing this footwear is best for its polished black leather, and pairing for this is great for an aesthetic look. 

5. Monk Straps for a Dapper Finish

Monk strap shoes are best for their strapping looks. This footwear has buckles all around, which adds more of a diaper touch and double charm to your looks when you adorn these buckle-strap monk shoes.

It is a great option to choose this as your footwear, which compliments your looks and styles. 

6. Casual Cool in Sneakers

If you are searching for a monochromatic tone that can match your black dress, then here is one to-go choice for you – The Casual Cool in Sneakers! This maintains a polished look, which can be the right choice for you. This option works as a better selection for those who want a casual and creative look. 

Considerations For Both Men and Women

When both genders, men, and women, think about their style and ethnic appearance with both contemporary and traditional looks, they can consider the following aspects:

  • Matching shoe color with accessories: Only considering the attire with shoes is not the only concern; also, thinking of other accessories is important. Other accessories like belts, watches, or jewelry talk into all these accounts, and choosing your fashion choice can enhance your looks and your audacity. 
  • Considering the dress length and style: Dress length and style are also prime reasons when one has to decide what shoes to wear with a black dress. If women wear long dresses or gowns, then they can consider heel and gun boots to be the best ones. When wearing a short dress, give more options to boot like footwear. 
  • Comfort and practicality for the occasion: When both men and women think about what shoes to wear with a black dress, compatibility comes first. Wear footwear that comforts you rather than adorn that compliments your looks and is comfortable. 

Tips For Styling That Can Compliment Your Dressing Sense With Your Shoes

Learn some tips that compliment your looks and styles when you wear your black dress.

  • Adding a pop of color with accessories: Women can carry a decent and vibrant handbag and wear simple earrings to match their footwear and dress. Adorning these match-to-match outfits with splashing colors adorns your accessories can match your style resemblance. 
  • Considering the dress code of the event: If you are planning to have an event dress code, then wearing formal attire or dazzling attire depends on your social gatherings. 
  • Experimenting with textures and materials: Don’t be afraid. Always experiment with wearing various shoes with different attire, especially when you wear black or other colors, such as velvet, suede, or even metallic finishes that can add a unique touch to your overall look.
  • Comfort of your choice: When style is important, then never compromise your comfort. You wear something that makes you comfortable and likes to breathe fresh air when you adorn anything with your black dress, whatever may even be your footwear. Always prefer to wear size-to-size footwear rather than a tighter one. 


If both men and women search for the best shoes to wear with a black dress, then this article will be the right source to know what one can wear.

If one is adorned with a black dress, then there are many shoes one can wear for both casual and formal events. When one likes to look smarter, prettier, and younger, then choosing the right outfit for your right black dress is a must. 


1. What can I pair with a black dress in winter?

Ans: You can pair the following other things with your black dress: 

  1. Wear leggings or a blazer for the office.
  2. Add a leather jacket for night outings. 
  3. Wear your look with knee-high boots.

2. How to look stylish in a black dress?

Ans: To make your look stylish, wear your favorite denim jacket with casual sneakers and a pair of hoops in your ear, and tie a low bun. 

3. What color jewelry goes with black?

Ans: You can pair silver jewelry with your black dress, such as necklaces or earrings of any shape or ring. 

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