What Color Shoes Should You Wear With a Red Dress

“When in doubt, wear Red!” You’ve picked your favorite red dress and are getting ready for a date night or a party event. You also decided on what jewelry and accessories to match with your red outfit. But you’re stuck with one dilemma: “What color shoes should you wear with a red dress?” 

You wanna feel the real fashion moment, but at the same time, you don’t want it to clash or be too matchy-matchy. Wearing the right shade of shoe will keep your look chic, elegant, and in style. Usually, women prefer black or nude shades with their red outfits. But what if you want to add a pop of color to your look? There are plenty of other options out there. If you’re in the dilemma of what color shoes you should wear with a red dress, keep reading. 

This blog covers a comprehensive list of what color shoes you should wear with a red dress and helps you feel the red carpet moment! 

How do you choose your shoes with a red dress? 

Firstly, deciding on what shoes to wear with the red dress depends on the shade of your red outfit. Yes. Your dress could be dark red, maroon, crimson, or very light.

Some of the shades of red include:

  • Scarlet
  • Burgundy
  • Poppy
  • Carmine
  • Crimson 
  • Vermillion red
  • Chilli  

What Color Shoes Should You Wear With a Red Dress? 

Red is a powerful, sexy, and intense color and can be eye-catching. That’s why it’s important to pick the right color of your shoes and not ruin your outfit the day (OOTD) look!

Below, we’ve mentioned a few shoe color suggestions to match your red dress no matter what occasion you’re going to. Let’s explore. 

1. Red Dress with Nude Shoes

Nude Shoes are the go-to for many girls regardless of the color of the dress. This combo is expected to elongate the leg (leggy look) and place the focus squarely on your leg or your dress itself so that you’re not focusing on any accessories.  

But hold on. Nude is a tricky color!  Some people think nudes are for people with fair skin tones. That’s not the case. In fact, nude shoes come in different shades, from light to dark. So, when buying nude shoes, make sure to match the nude shade with your skin tone to achieve the perfect look. 

2. Red Dress with Black shoes 

Besides Nudes, Black is everyone’s favorite color when it comes to shoes or heels. It’s fool-proof and looks classy, plus you can easily find a matching bag for your red outfit. In fact, all women will have at least one pair of black shoes or heels in their wardrobe. It just goes with everything, no matter what skin tone you have. You can wear it with formal, party wear, or even with everyday wear.

Now, when it comes to red dresses, black is definitely the safest option to go. When you wear black shoes, they create a stark contrast compared to the red color. If you’re looking to dress more casually, you may go for black shoes in any shape or form. So yeah, if you want a versatile choice of shoe color to wear with your red dress, black is the best one. You can opt for black strappy sandals for quick glam or black chunky boots for a simple yet sexy and chic style. Black combat boots work perfectly; red and black are a great Goth-style combo.

3. Red Dress with Silver Shoes

If you’re planning to look extra glam and chic at an event or party, try adding some sparkle with metallic silver heels. Silver metallic heels or strappy sandals look amazing with a red dress. Silver heels work perfectly if you’re accessorizing with diamonds or silver-line jewelry. 

If you want to keep it subtle, opt for silver shoes. They can be paired with all shades of red, including crimson and chili red. 

4. Red Dress with Gold Shoes

Metallic gold shoes are a great option if you’re going for a formal event or a cocktail party. Opt for gold minimalist strappy sandals or stiletto heels to add a touch of glam to your look. Flat gold sandals are also great to pair with a casual red dress during summertime. 

Rose gold is another metallic shade that is trending today, and you can definitely try it with your red dress. Basically, it’s a warmer shade of gold that looks great with lighter shades of red.

5. Red Dress with Clear/Transparent Heels

Next up on our list is trendy clear heels. It goes with pretty much everything, so it’s no surprise that clear shoes are included here. They are a must in every closet! 

When you wear clear heels with a red dress, it adds some class to your outfit. Opt for completely transparent straps and sandals. 

6. Red Dress with Red Shoes (Monochrome Styling)

Ah! This looks quite tricky. Can we wear red shoes with a red dress? Of Course. Why not? Since you can’t find the exact red shade of shoes with that of your dress, this option can be tricky. Try to match the red closely with the dress to look like a monochrome style! 

Also, try to keep your accessories minimalistic, as it may ruin your overall outfit look. However, note that this option is not for the stylish faint of heart. Still, a shade lighter or darker than the hue of your dress can work well. You may opt for sandals that have a low, chunky heel with a wraparound strap design. 

7. Red Dress with White Shoes

White shoes, especially sneakers, make anything look just a little more casual. They are great for spring and summer seasons. If your scarlet red outfit has a printed pattern or is a light red shade, white sneakers work exceptionally well for enhancing your look. White is less bold compared to black, yet highly contrasting. You can even wear it with your little red dress for a cute picnic look.

If you wanna feel comfortable in your red dress, good-quality white sneakers are perfect to go with!

8. Red Dress with Brown Shoes

Most people don’t prefer this combo, but brown and red go well together. Sometimes, brown, which is a neutral color, tends to suppress the spark of red. Since brown is more of a casual shoe color, your first choice is to pair the casual shoes with a casual red dress. For example, a burgundy sweater dress looks good with a pair of brown boots or booties. Similarly, a casual red beach dress looks effortlessly classy with a pair of brown flats. 

However, if you don’t like this neutral option, you can ignore it. You’ll get much better options out there (as listed here.)

Other Complementary Coloured Shoes with a Red Dress

If the above-mentioned shoe colors look good with a red dress, why not mix the look a little? Below are some of the other go-to complimentary shoe colors to jazz up your prom red dress.

i) Black shoes with metallic details

ii) Black and white shoes

iii) Pink and white shoes

iv) Animal Print Shoes/Heels

v) Snakeskin Shoes

These are other great options to style, but if you find another cool combo, give it a whirl! 

So, Which one Would you Choose?

It’s all up to your choice. If you’re looking for the best shoe color to wear with your red dress, neutral colors like black, nude, and metallic will be the perfect idea. Gold or silver shoes can add a touch of glamor to your red outfit and make you feel elegant! 

Finally, we hope you found this list of suggestions about what color shoes to wear with a red dress helpful. One thing to have in mind is that when you’re wearing a red dress, it’s best to go for a bold contrast or barely-there heels. Pick what makes you feel most confident and bold! The right shoe color can make or break your outfit. 

So choose wisely for your next outfit!


1. What color of shoes is best for the red dress? 

Ans: Some of the best color shoes that go with a red dress include nude, black, silver, gold, and red. Clear or transparent heels also go well with a red outfit. 

2. Can I wear red shoes with a red dress?

Ans: Yes. You can definitely wear red shoes with your red dress. Red outfits can pair elegantly with all shapes and shades of red shoes.

3. How do you look good in a red dress? 

Ans: To look good in your red outfit, you can pair it up with nice black boots or nude heels. Also, you can wear something like a white cardigan or blazer over your dress. If you’re going to a party or an event, try adding some solid metal or white jewelry to it. Add a white furry scarf or hat for extra chic style!  

4. What jewelry goes with a red dress?

Ans:  A bit of solid jewelry like diamonds, pearls, and crystals can be a great addition to look fabulous in your red dress. But try not to overdo it.  

5. Does gold or silver look better with a red dress? 

Ans:  Well, it’s up to you. Gold is bold and better suited to warmer skin tones regardless of the red dress. Conversely, silver accessories are better matched to those with a fair complexion, as this will highlight the look of the red dress. 

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