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If you’re an NBA fan, you may definitely be familiar with Andre Drummond. He is one of the top-rated basketball stars in America and currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom he signed a two-year deal worth $10 million.  

There have been lots of questions regarding the NBA star, including his net worth. You’ll be surprised to know that Andre has managed to accumulate an incredible net worth of $50 million. But how does one get millions of dollars through an athletic career? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Andre Drummond’s net worth, biography, age, height, and more in detail. 

Who is Andre Drummond?

Andre Drummond is an American Basketball player. Before joining the 76ers recently, the two-time All-Star was a player for the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers. Joel Embiid’s center, the athletic, will have backup coverage.

After starting his career as a star with the Detroit Pistons, Andre eventually found his role as a solid center. He is also a member of the 2014 US national team that won a gold medal in the FIBA Basketball World Cup. He has been named an NBA All-Star twice and secured the prestigious title of NBA rebounding leader an impressive four times. Standing out as a promising player, he averaged 12.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, and 6.5 blocks per game during his junior year.

Andre Drummond: Biography

Andre Jamal Drummond, aka Big Penguin, was born on August 10, 1993, in Mount Vernon, New York, USA. Soon, at the age of six, his family relocated to Middletown, Connecticut. He had a rough childhood. His father abandoned his family, so his mother, Christine Cameron, had to move to another city. He also got bullied a lot in his school because of his height. As a result, he was expected to establish low self-esteem, yet he fought and rose to become one of the best centers in the game of basketball. 

He did his early education at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. After that, he joined high school basketball at Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut. Before relocating to Oakdale, Connecticut, to enroll in St. Thomas More, he studied there for 2 years.

Career and Professional Life 

After the 2020–21 season, Drummond became a free agent. He talked openly about why he selected the Sixers over all other potential opponents on the Sixers wire. After a difficult year with the Los Angeles Lakers, Andre signed a 1-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers to continue his NBA career. 

Collegiate Career 

Drummond chose to play college basketball at the University of Connecticut (UConn). During his single season at UConn, he averaged 10.0 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 2.7 blocks per game. His potential was evident despite only playing one season, and he declared for the NBA Draft in 2012.

Professional Basketball career 

Andre decided to forgo his final years of college in order to declare for the NBA draft in 2012. The Detroit Pistons selected him with the 9th overall pick later on. Andre averaged 7.9 points and 7.6 rebounds per game during his first campaign. In a game against the New Orleans Pelicans the next season, he grabbed 20 rebounds, which at the time was a career-high. 

The NBA player went on to set new career highs in two games: one against the Indiana Pacers, where he grabbed 29 rebounds, and another against the Chicago Bulls, where he scored 33 points. He was selected for his first NBA All-Star Game early in 2016. That year, the Pistons managed to qualify for the playoffs, but the Cleveland Cavaliers easily defeated them in the opening round. In 2016–17, Andr again had another outstanding campaign and accomplished the feat of 4,000 career rebounds. 

After recording his 5,000th rebound the following season, he became the first player to average 16 rebounds per game since Dennis Rodman in 1997. With 2,431 offensive rebounds during the 2018–19 campaign, Drummond surpassed all previous Pistons career leaders in this category. With 67 double-doubles, he also surpassed his own franchise record for most in a single season.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Drummond was dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers by the Pistons in February 2020. He remained a member of the team until his buyout in March 2021.

Los Angeles Lakers

Following his departure from the Cavaliers, Andre signed a 1-year deal with the LA Lakers, providing an offensive boost to a squad that had suffered the ailments of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Throughout his 21 games in his single season with the squad, Drummond averaged 11.9 points & 10.2 rebounds. The Lakers continued on to the postseason, but the Phoenix Suns eliminated them in the opening round.

Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls

Drummond agreed to a one-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers in the summer of 2021. He remained a member of the squad until February of the subsequent year. Drummond signed an agreement to play for the Chicago Bulls for two seasons in the summer of 2022.

International Basketball Career 

Aside from the NBA, Andre has succeeded as a member of the US men’s national team. He earned gold with the youth squad at the FIBA Under-16 American Championship in 2009 and repeated the feat the next year at the FIBA Under-17 World Championship. Later, in 2014, on the senior national team, Andre assisted the United States in winning gold at the FIBA Basketball World Cup. 

Here’s a quick glimpse of Andre Drummond’s contracts from the start: 

  • Team Name & Season—-Contract Amount
  • Detroit Pistons (2012-2015)—$10,659,170
  • Detroit Pistons (2016-2020)—-$127,171,313
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (2020-2021)—$16,378,266
  • Los Angeles Lakers — $794,536

Andre Drummond: Personal Life

Andre Drummond is currently unmarried, but he has three children—that means he has baby mamas. He has a son named Deon with Abigail Russo and a daughter named Aubrey with Elizabeth Costadoni. In addition, Drummond dated singer and actress Jennette McCurdy briefly (2013) and Candice Brook (2015).

How Many Kids Does Andre Drummond Have?

Even though he has children with two different women, he is reported to be single as of now. One of the baby mamas is Instagram model Abigail Russo, who is Deon’s mother, while Aubrey’s mom is Elizabeth Costadoni. 

You might have heard in the news that Andre Drummond saved his son from drowning in a pool. Yes, on August 12, 2021, the family was playing in the backyard pool, and Andre came to the rescue after his son Deon fell into the pool. He posted a video of the incident on Twitter that shows his family hanging around the swimming pool at his home when Deon tripped and fell in the water. Drummond dove right into the water without hesitation to scoop his 2-year-old son out of the water and save him from drowning. Truly, as a father, Andre made a heroic move! Not all heroes wear a cape!

What is Andre Drummond’s Age?

The giant NBA star Andre Drummond is 40 years old now. He was born on August 10, 1993. 

What is Andre Drummond’s Height and Weight?

If you’ve seen this player, you know how tall he looks. After all, he is a basketball player. Reports say he is 6 feet 11 inches, or approximately 210 cm. He also weighs about 280 lbs (or 128 kg). That’s quite huge! Considering how he was bullied as a child, it’s surprising that he was able to grow to this height. 

What is Andre Drummond’s Net Worth in 2024?

According to credible sources, including Celebrity Net Worth, Andre Drummond’s net worth is $50 million as of 2024. Much of his income comes from his athletic ability as a basketball player. He also earns millions from clubs, endorsement deals, and contract signings, which help estimate his net worth. In 2016, he signed the largest contract in the Pistons’ history, a five-year, $127 million deal. This was the highest deal in his career! 

i) NBA Earnings 

As it’s obvious, Andre’s main source of income has been his salary from playing professional basketball. Over the years, he has signed lucrative contracts with various NBA teams, which have contributed significantly to his wealth.

ii) Endorsements and Deals

Like other sports celebrities, Andre has earned millions of dollars through major endorsement deals and sponsorships. Many leading sports and apparel brands have collaborated with him, including Anheuser Busch InBev, Electronic Arts, JBL, Pandora Media, and Panini.

Annual earnings

There’s a reason he’s regarded as one of the game’s top rebounders. His base salary of $22,116,750 came with a 5-year contract of $127,171,313 with the Pistons. He is paid $25,434,263 a year. As we can see, as he advanced in his basketball career, his net worth increased over time rather than being constant. Andre’s club wage has brought in $109,078,706 since 2012. 


While Andre Drummond is known for his basketball skills, he has also faced some controversies during his career. The NBA fined Andre Drummond for overreacting and celebrating a bit too hard in a 129-123 win over the Timberwolves.

What’s more, his aggressive style of play has sometimes led to fights with other players. These incidents have resulted in fines and suspensions.

Andre Drummond: Car Collection 

Andre is not just a sport; he is also a car enthusiast and has an insane collection of luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz S550,  Porsche 550, and Bugatti Centodieci.

Andre Drummond: Profile Summary 

Full Name Andre Jamal Drummond
Nickname (s) Big Penguin, Showtime
Place of Birth  Mount Vernon, New York
Date of Birth  August 10, 1993
Age  30 years old (As of 2024)
Height  6’ 11’’ (210 cm)
Weight  128 kg (280 lbs)
Education  Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Capital Preparatory High School

St. Thomas More School (STM)

University of Connecticut 

Ethnicity A mix of Jamaica & America 
Nationality  American
Current residence Detroit, Michigan
Religion  Christian
Marital status Unmarried 
Relationship status Unknown
Children  Two daughters (Deon King Aubrey Ella Rose)

One son 

Siblings One sister (Ariana)
Profession Professional Basket Player
Years active  2012 – present
Net worth  $50 million
Zodiac Sign  Leo 
Instagram @andredrummond
Twitter @andredrummond
Facebook @officialandredrummond
TikTok @drummond

Interesting Facts About Andre Drummond 

  • Andre is a two-time All-Star, was named to the 2015-16 All-NBA Team, and was named to the All-Rookie Team in 2012-13. 
  • In February 2020, the Pistons traded Drummond to the Cleveland Cavaliers, resulting in a $857,000 “trade kicker” for Drummond.
  • Since the 2013-2014 season, the two-time All-Star has been ranked among the NBA’s top two for rebounds per game each year.
  • He is a great philanthropist and has donated more than $160,000 towards Covid-19 relief efforts.
  • He was the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes in 2020.
  • With only three seasons, Andre has proven he is still one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history with the Bulls.
  • Andre made his first NBA All-Star team in 2016
  • In a game, he averages 14.5 points, 13.7 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.4 steals, and 1.5 blocks over his career.
  • In 2012–13 and 2015–16, he was chosen for the NBA All-Rookie Team and the NBA All-Third Team, respectively.
  • Drummond has also been named to the NBA All-Defensive Team and has set several franchise records with the Detroit Pistons.

Wrapping Up! 

This blog covered Andre Drummond’s net worth and full biopic. With a net worth of $50 million, he has been one of the NBA’s most dominant rebounders and shot-blocking units. No doubt, he is a valuable asset to any team. Clearly, Andre’s endorsements and on-court earnings have led to his million-dollar net worth. He has certainly made a big name for himself in the world of sports. Looking ahead, Andre Drummond’s future in the NBA remains promising. 


1. How much does Andre Drummond weigh?

Ans: Andre Drummond, the NBA star, weighs about 280 lbs or 127 kg. 

2. How many rings does Drummond have?

Ans: Andre Drummond has not won any championships in his career. 

3. How much does Andre Drummond make a year?

Ans: Andre Drummond makes nearly $22.12 million

4. How many kids does Andre Drummond have? 

Ans: Andre Drummond has three children, two daughters and a son. Although unmarried, he has had kids with two different women. 

5. How long is Andre Drummond’s Contract? 

Ans: Andre Drummond has signed a two-year, $10 million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

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