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When was the last time you spent a date night with your spouse? Was it last week, last month, or so long ago? You probably have no idea. A survey by the National Marriage Project reported that barely half of married couples in America have a regular date night and it affects their marital life. As a married couple, it’s important to spend some quality time together to keep the romance alive. 

Another recent report by PR Newswire stated that married couples who have regular night outs together report higher levels of relationship quality and sexual satisfaction. Now, you might be wondering that you’re always at home, so why on earth would you want to have a date night at home with your partner? 

Well, first of all, you don’t have to spend bucks on going out; secondly, you don’t have to worry about your kids or hire a nanny (babysitter). And more importantly, you can do it as many times as you want.  Netflix and chill nights have become quite boring and mundane date ideas, and there’s no fun. So, what are the alternative date ideas for married couples at home?  

Worry not. This blog covers a list of exciting 15 date ideas for married couples at home to help you plan your next date night sweet and a little spicy! 

Top 15 Date Ideas for Married Couples At Home

This list includes 15 fun and romantic date ideas you can choose and enjoy from the comfort of your home. 

1. Make a couple’s bucket list. 

Have you ever talked about your fantasies and dreams with your partner? 

What would you like to do as a couple? Is there any special fantasy left? What is your dream destination that you haven’t visited yet? Now, it’s a good opportunity to sit down and list them all with the love of your life. Create and come up with a bucket list while sitting in your cozy living room.

List down all the places you want to travel, experiences you want to try together, or cheesy stuff you would like to do together. You’d be surprised how many interesting conversations this may bring up and what new things you’d learn about each other. 

2. Play Classic card games. 

Another wonderful date idea for married couples is to play classic card games. Pull out a table and chair or sit on the sofa with your PJs and play card games like poker, Gin rummy, and kings in the corner. 

This will give you a night full of competition. You can even play these games online if you wish to go on a double date or invite a few friends over. 

3. Try a DIY Escape Room or Mystery game. 

Another unique and fun date idea while staying at home is creating your own DIY escape room. You can try this if you don’t like card or board games, which can be boring at times. Like in a regular escape room, your task is to cooperate with your partner and solve a ton of challenging puzzles and riddles in an attempt to escape the room you’ve been locked in. 

That’s why it is called an escape room yet can be extremely fun. You can also purchase an escape room kit online for just the two of you. 

4. Make a candlelight dinner and watch movies.

Nothing is as intimate as a candlelight dinner at home. Arrange a table in your bedroom or cozy living room and light some scented candles. Decor it with some floral petals for an extra romantic atmosphere. Put on some music you both love and reminisce about your favorite moments together. Dancing is always the perfect connection to wonderful music and movement. 

5. Set up a home picnic at night.

You don’t have to go out to experience the picnic atmosphere. In fact, you can set it up in your living room or in the backyard itself. Arrange all the picnic essentials, like wine, blankets, cheese, sandwiches, cookies, and fruits. 

You can even set up a projector on a blank wall in your backyard or living room and watch a good movie while snacking on popcorn and cuddling under a warm blanket.

6. Make your bedroom like a fancy hotel.

You don’t always have to spend dollars on booking a hotel to have a luxurious experience. You can turn your own bedroom into a fancy hotel suite to experience the same luxury! Turn on some relaxing music and light a couple of scented candles. Keep a bottle of champagne in a bowl of ice. 

To make it look extra romantic, you can sprinkle some rose flower petals all over your bed. Order your favorite pizza, beverages, and desserts to have while watching movies.

7. Get cooking together 

Cooking your favorite meal together with some music in the background is one of the best and most romantic date ideas for married couples. Co-operate and cook your favorite food such as lasagna, pizza, or cookies together. 

Once done, set the table, light some scented candles, and enjoy the food. There’s always the chance it may lead to an intimate moment post-dinner as it gets you both in the mood. 

8. Have a deep conversation.

For married couples, there’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up on a cozy bed together. You can play sleepover games such as Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare games. 

Chances are that your answers could bring about some interesting and intense conversations, knocking you out of your usual evening talks. You can also look through the old photo album and have in-bed conversations about them.  

9. Camp out under the dazzling stars

Another romantic date idea for married couples is camping under the stars. Go to the terrace or balcony of your home. Bring blankets, roasted marshmallows, and some hot chocolates or coffee! 

You can cozy up with your partner, enjoy some delicious food, and look at the breathtaking night sky. To make it extra romantic, set up a warm bonfire and get all cozy with your spouse. If you are in the mood to camp outside, you can set it up in your living room. 

10. Dance it out 

Of course, nothing can beat dance when it comes to a romantic date night! You don’t have to hit a dance club for it. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional dancer. Just put on some good music in your living room, grab your spouse’s hand, and dance it out. Make sure to include slow music as well to make your date extra romantic. 

This will strengthen your intimate bond since you’re physically connecting. You can also take online dance lessons or learn some new steps by watching YouTube videos. 

11. Tackle a fun home project.

Getting creative together is a fantastic bonding activity. Pick a room or a corner of your house, and start redesigning as per your partner’s choice. Perhaps there’s a piece of furniture you’ve always wanted to re-paint or a wall in the living that needs a little makeover. This at-home date night idea could reveal a lot about your partner’s taste and style! 

You can create a collage of your favorite photos for the empty wall or make some floral crafts to display on the dining table. So energetic, right? 

You can find inspiration for house design on Pinterest or online. There are hundreds of things you can do! 

12. Do a spa at home

Next up on our list is the self-care routine! Pampering yourself with a DIY spa day is one of the most relaxing date night ideas for married couples. All you need is scented candles, some soothing music, and a comfy lobe. You can also get a glass of champagne to set the tone and enjoy a relaxing moment with your partner by your side. 

Following a relaxing oil massage, you can indulge in many spa activities, such as pedicures, facial masks, and steam facials. Try to make your own face mask and body scrubs. This will undoubtedly put you both in the mood for romance later on. 

You can either do it all yourself or book a masseuse to come to your home. Do it on Friday night so you can feel relaxed and recharge for the weekend.  

13. Do some painting 

Going to painting cafes can be pricey, but they can be done at home, too. Grab a couple of affordable canvases, paints, and brushes, find a painting tutorial on YouTube, and get creative at home together! 

Being creative can be incredibly satisfying and fun, even if it doesn’t turn out good or as expected. But doing it with your partner will definitely give you quality and may even turn you on.

14. Set up a Karaoke Night 

A karaoke night might be a fun date idea for married couples, no matter how outdated it may seem. Set up wireless mics, find karaoke versions on YouTube, and sing your favorite songs together. 

This romantic date idea will surely increase your endorphin level and keep your marriage alive. You can also include your kids if you want to. 

15. Engage in some fighting! 

When was the last time you got into a fight in a positive way? Try this entertaining date night idea, which can turn your fight into fun! 

Some of the fight ideas you can try are pillow fights, whipped cream fights, water gun fights, and more. What’s more, engaging in such activities will boost your happy hormones (dopamine), which creates a sensation similar to the excitement of falling in love! It may even give you butterflies in your stomach!

More at-Home Date Ideas for Married Couples: 

Apart from the above date ideas, there are plenty of other options you can consider while planning your date at home: 

  • Play hide and seek game
  • Read poetry out loud
  • Playing truth or dare 
  • Play twister 
  • Make a scavenger hunt that leads to treasure 
  • Bake cookies together 
  • Plan your next vacation 
  • Explore each other’s love languages
  • Watch a sports game wearing your favorite team’s jersey
  • Do a puzzle together 
  • Home workout sessions
  • Re-watch your favorite childhood movie 
  • Do wine-tasting and explore
  • Binge-watch a favorite sitcom
  • Gamble on your love 

Don’t forget that praying for each other can also be one of the most intimate gestures. Connecting your hearts and souls together is a beautiful way to grow your bonds. After all, date nights don’t always have to be joyful, or sensual. Sometimes, they can be intimate and spiritual. 

Final Words

We hope these date ideas for married couples will help you spark your bond with your partner. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from; make sure to take some time out for your spouse to keep your married relationship going. 

Regardless of how long you’ve been married, spending quality time with each other is important for a healthy marital life. Given how busy schedules you both may have after marriage with careers and kids, taking out time for a date is the best gift you can give to your partner!


1. How can I make a romantic date at home? 

Ans: There are many creative ways to make a romantic date at home. You can do couples yoga, candlelight dinner, play card games, do a spa, and cook a delicious meal together.

2. How often should a married couple have a date night? 

Ans: A married couple should have at least one date night in a month. Be it a night out or a stay-at-home date, it’s important to keep married life healthy and fruitful. 

 3. How can I make my date night extra special at home?

Ans: You can make your date night special with simple gestures. Cuddle up under a blanket, watch movies, cook food together, play games in the living room, or go on the terrace to stargaze. 

4. What keeps marriage strong? 

Ans: Good communication and listening are key to a healthy marriage. Apart from that, trust, time, attention, and honesty are also important. That’s why spending quality time with your partner is recommended, no matter how many years you’ve been married. 

5. How do you date when you’re married?

Ans: After marriage, your dates must be exciting for both of you. Doing outdoor and indoor activities together is a great way to kick off when you’re married. You can consider hiking, shopping, comedy shows, movies, a spa day, and cooking dishes together.

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