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Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging. You can only stay in touch via text messages, voice calls or video calls.

Due to change in geographical locations of partners it sometimes becomes difficult to meet and spend time together even on birthdays, anniversaries or at holidays.

For such couples, one of the greatest ways to show and send their love to your loved one is to send a gift. 

So, if you are also in doubt about what you can send as a gift of love to your BAE to make cherished moments for him/her, you will get many options in this article.

This blog will suggest 11 long-distance relationship gifts or gift ideas for him/her that will make your loved one feel your love, even if they are half a world away.

11 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him

Gifting is a great way to share love and emotions to make your long distance relationship feel special. Here are some long distance relationships gifts for your King:

1. Infinity Bracelet 

Most men love to wear bracelets. They are chic, beautiful, and stylish. Gifting these infinity bracelets allows you to express your love, loyalty, and commitment to your special one. 

The infinity bracelet shows your infinite and eternal love towards your partner, which you can gift to them on any occasion. It’s a beautiful nod that looks great and holds cherished memories and unending bonding.

2. Friendship Touch Lamps

Your boyfriend is your best friend too. Friendship touch lamps are an excellent gift for your loved one as they are a secret language for you both to talk about.

They come in pairs, one kept by you and the other by your partner. When you touch your lamp, your boyfriend’s lamp will also light up automatically in the same color you lit up, which happens via the Internet. 

No matter how far you are, it lights up as magic, making your partner a soothing reminder of you and becoming a unique way to connect to each other. 

3. Men’s Shaving Kit

Shaving is a necessity for every man. Another one of the best long-distance relationship gifts is a shaving kit. It is like a toolbox that mainly includes a safety razor, shaving cream, and blades of fragrances like sandalwood, coconut, etc. Add a secret love note to express your feelings and love to make it special. 

These shaving kits are designed for every skin type and contain natural products that soothe skin. It will be a better gift to give your man referencing his masculinity. 

4. Magic Light Box With Customized Message

This gift can be one of the most romantic long-distance relationship gifts you can send to your loved one. The best thing about this gift is that you can add your customized message in this magic light box, such as a name, message, fun quote, birthday, or anniversary wish. 

It will include a battery-operated LED light in white LED colors for clear reflection of a message and images. All you need to do is switch the light on, place it inside the magic box, and put it next to a wall in a dark room.

5. Gadget Items

Men have a special connection with gadgets. Gifting gadgets to your loved one can undoubtedly be the best. Be it a communication device, PlayStation, AirPods, headphones, smartwatch, or anything techy, guys have an intense love for them. 

Obviously, tech gadgets are expensive, but not more than your partner’s smile. So, without any second thought, you can consider gifting a gadget to him, and it will blow his mind. 

6. AirBnB Gift Card

If you are bored with giving played-out gifts, another one of the best gift ideas to give your man is an AirBnB gift card if he likes vacations and loves to travel.

You can purchase these cards from various online Airbnb websites, customize your bookings as per your budget, and book a stay in Airbnb properties. 

Gift these cards to your loved one; if they are fond of adventure, watch them enjoy their experiences. They will see you as Santa Claus!

7. Bond Touch Bracelets

In a long distance relationship, you cannot touch your loved one. Bond touch bracelets are another awesome gift to feel the bond and connection with your loved one sitting miles apart.

It comes in pairs, one kept by you and the other by your partner. When you touch the bracelet, it will send a gentle vibration to his bracelet, which lets him know you are missing and thinking of him. 

They come in different sizes and varieties, ranging from simple to playful. Overall, it is a sweet way to keep closer your miles apart, partner. 

8. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Another modern technology’s best gift for long distance relationships is the Lovebox spinning heart messenger. The traditional way of sending love notes to your loved one is time-consuming. But with this technology, sending a loving message to your loved ones is just a need for WIFI. 

When Lovebox is connected to WIFI, you can send messages to your loved one via the app installed on your phone. A large red heart spins on his box to inform him your digital love letter inside is ready to read. You can customize your message by adding colors and photos. 

9. Kissing Coffee Mug

Another perfect gift for your lover is a kissing mug. The best thing about this gift is that you can customize it with your name or add some love quotes or pictures that your lover can give a smooch.

They are also available as a couple mugs, which means you can order two, and both can enjoy remembering each other while having a cup of coffee. 

They are designed as two faces kissing each other, and their handles form a heart. They are also considered the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. These mugs really show the bond you share. 

10. Gym Accessories

What else can be the best gift for gym lovers besides gym accessories? Whether it’s his birthday or you are just giving it to show some love, it can be a thoughtful gift.

Depending on your budget, you can gift any gym accessory, such as gym clothes, water bottles, gym bags, activewear, fitness equipment, sweat towels, wristbands, and running trainers. 

These gifts show that you know what your man loves, indicating your care and love. You can create a statement by gifting such productive gifts to him. 

11. Personalized Watch

In a long distance relationship, giving time to your partner becomes challenging. But relax! You can gift them feelings, affection, and emotions by gifting them personalized time watches. They are popular gifts for men, and they will be really happy after receiving them.

The best part of this watch is you can add your couple’s picture that reminds him of the bond you share, and whenever he sees time, it will remind him of your endless bond. Hence, making the gift unique will make him special from others.

11 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Her

There are many options to gift to your BAE. However, your gift items should be significant because they tell them how much you love them. Here are mentioned 11 unique long distance relationships gifts for your Queen:

1. Huggable Love Letter

Love letters are always a sweet gift for your BAE, whether on paper or card. But to send your love letter in a unique way, you can try a unique option that won’t tear. How about the idea of sending your love letter written on a pillow?

It will definitely be a fantastic idea to show love and affection by customizing the pillow with some romantic or lovable lines for your love in this huggable cushion. 

2. Meaningful Necklace

Women love jewelry, and what can be the best gift to give your girl jewelry? But rather than giving simple jewelry, think about giving a beautiful and meaningful necklace that has a special meaning besides it. 

For example, consider giving a two-heart-shaped design on your anniversary to show your love. This little necklace looks great with any outfit.  

3. Personalized Matching Sweatshirts

Another unique gift to give your woman is a matching sweatshirt or t-shirt. You can choose a cute or funny design and customize it to your liking.

For example, you can add custom text for your love, which may be romantic words or a couple of taglines, such as King/Queen, that connect you together. 

They are available in different styles and pints; pick the one that you find cute and show your girl your love and affection with this cute gift. 

4. Matching Heart Key Chains

Another cute and unique gift you can give to your girl to remind her of yourself is to give cute matching keychains. She can always carry this keychain with her. 

They come in a heart shape with two half pieces. You keep one part, and the other is given to your partner. This small accessory reminds her of you and can be carried everywhere. Moreover, you can also customize this key chain by adding your name or photos.  

5. Wooden Watch

Watch will always be an important part for everyone. The wooden watch can be a unique and attractive gift for your girlfriend. The best part is that it can be customized with your name or your personalized message showcasing your bond. 

This wooden watch can be a meaningful and eye-catching gift that will be worth your money. It is different from other watches, making it a unique gift for your beloved. If your woman is a nature lover or is fond of collecting watches, it can be the perfect gift for her. 

6. Scented Candles

Scented candles are classy and peaceful gestures. This thoughtful gift gives a dim, natural, and beautiful light and spreads mesmerizing scents, from fruity and sweet to floral and musky.

This is not only a cute gesture but offers various benefits to your lover, such as peace and harmony, and helps relieve stress and issues like insomnia and poor sleep quality.

7. Romantic Forever Rose

This is one of the best gifts to send your long distance lover on Valentine’s week. This romantic forever rose represents eternal love. It is also the best way to say I Love You, sitting miles apart from your girl. 

This artificial rose will be a great showcase to show your love and care towards your partner. It comes with a real rose preserved in platinum metal, and you can also add your love message on its stem. This piece will remain the same forever. 

8. Couple Framed Picture

Another perfect and meaningful gift for your partner is a frame of picture of you both together, which she will really love. It is one of the best long-distance relationship gifts through which you can tell her how much you love and miss her.

This is the best way to preserve your memory together, and you can be more creative with their designs. This is also a great idea to show your love and togetherness to everyone. 

9. Sweet Perfume

If your BAE is a perfume lover, what is the best gift for her to give her perfume? Fragrance can trigger emotions and memories. This gift can be used daily by her, reminding her of you through fragrance. 

For long-distance relationships, gifting perfume means your partner knows your taste and sends intimate sentiments through this.

10. Romantic Music Box

Another perfect gift for long-distance relationships is a romantic musical box you offer them on their birthday or your anniversary. It is a small yet unique gift for your loved one. If you gift this musical box to your girl, her heart will also flutter. 

They are available and include romantic words that hold your emotions and sentiments. If you and your lover love some common songs, it can cherish your memories. 

11. Accessories For Her Phone

Phones are the things that everyone always keeps with them. So, why not gift some love accessories for their phone? So whenever they use their phone, they remind me of you. 

You can gift phone accessories like a customized phone case cover, which may include your lover’s picture or your picture together, which will give your partner a feeling of staying connected. Other options include a virtual reality headset or wireless charger. 


Hopefully, now you don’t have a buzz in your mind about what to gift your beloved. This article covered 11 unique long distance relationship gifts for him and her. Choose the one that perfectly sends your love, emotions, and feelings to your dear one.

Gifting builds and strengthens relationships, especially long distance relationships. By reading this article, you will definitely find the one that will make a romantic statement of your unending bond and create cherished moments while sitting miles apart. 


1. What should I gift my long distance boyfriend?

Ans: There are various options you can choose to gift your long distance beloved, such as an infinity bracelet, touch lamps, scented candles, personalized messenger, picture frames, etc.

2. How do you know if a guy loves you long distance?

Ans: To know if he loves you, look at his efforts; he will maintain regular communication via text, calls, or video calls.

3. What can I gift to my long distance girlfriend?

Ans: Consider gifting sentimental, thoughtful, yet unique gifts to her to feel your love, such as a photo book, personalized message on a pillow, bottle, or any other object, subscription services of flowers, chocolates, or beauty services. 

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