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Celebrity relationships are the perfect example of rebound relationships; their relationship won’t work for a long time, and they will last for a short-term commitment.

Just naming a few celebrities who are in this rebound relationship are Nicole Kidman, who dumped Tom Cruise and dated Lenny Kravitz just after their divorce.

Similarly, Scarlett Johansson dated Sean Penn, much older than her, after the split from Ryan Reynolds. So, it is often casual for these famous personalities to ditch their partners for someone else.

But it won’t surprise us anymore now as such “rebound relationships” prevail in our everyday society where boys and girls abide by our cultural and societal norms. This has become a fashionable trend of ditching your fellow mates and committing to others.

So, do you also suspect that you are in a rebound relationship? This article is the perfect piece to pay attention to the 11 signs to find out whether you are in a rebound relationship.

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

Human nature is always tempted towards new things, just like wearing a new dress one day from your wardrobe and then dumping it elsewhere.

Likewise, contemporary relationships can sometimes adopt a ‘use and throw’ mentality, where one partner has to ditch the other to be involved in another relationship — this is called a Rebound Relationship!

For one, it must die and cutthroat situations, and for the other one, just a new beginning, the second, third, or even fifth, as the count of discarded connections remains uncertain. 

When both partners rebind each other, there are some features of rebounding in their relationships:

  • You are the only soul partner to contact when your rebounding partner is upset.
  • Your rebounding partner solely depends on you during your loneliness. 
  • You are always treated casually by your rebounding partner.
  • Your rebounding partner is still emotionally connected with your ex.
  • Only a little emotional intimacy is shared.

11 Signs You’re In a Rebound Relationship

If you are speculating and lingering on a question like “Am I rebounding?” or “Am I in a positive chapter of life?” You will know everything in this section below:

1. If Your Partner Keeps Aloof About Their Previous Breakup.

Sometimes, we can only notice signs once it becomes too late! It is a red signal that if your partner never wants to disclose they have a recent breakup, your relationship might be confused!

In a natural sense, every relationship goes through a breakup, and it takes several weeks and months to recover from that situation. So, not telling you about their previous breakup is the first sign you must pay attention to.

2. Just Having A Casual Relationship.

If you see that your rebounding partner tends to deal with the relationship casually, just like you, and your partner is also looking for another partner, then your rebounding relationship might need clarification because your relationship is moving in a meaningless way.

Sometimes, you might feel that your rebounding partner has no feelings for you and is not in a serious relationship.

So, will this relationship ever turn serious? Sorry to say, but it is clear that it won’t because this rebound relationship is just an alluring nature of human beings craving new things for a few days, and then it is dumped after the needs are accomplished.

Similarly, if you think your rebounding partner might change his causal behavior, you are wasting time!

3. More Focus on Sex Intimacy.

When you are in rebounding relationships, see if your partner is more inclined to engage in physical intimacy rather than emotional intimacy.

We know that physical or sexual attraction is necessary for romantic relationships, but it won’t work out in rebounding relationships. So, being in such a relationship, sometimes you may feel unloved, unwanted, and used. 

4. Being With You, They Want to Make Their Ex Jealous.

When you find that your rebounding partner is with you only to make his ex jealous, using your emotions just as a foil, then this relationship won’t work out! You are a puppet doll in the hands of your rebounding partner.

Your partner is with you only to incite jealousy from their ex. You may check for an easy way out of being involved in this nasty drama plan. 

5. You Are The Side of The Corner, Talk More About Ex.

If you find that a rebounding partner talks more about their ex than it is necessary, then it is time to think and talk. It shows that your rebounding partner never tries to escape these breakup situations.

So, you can ask your rebounding partner about what was wrong in your relationship, etc.

6. Grudge Against Their Ex, Comes Off As Bitter Or Angry. 

A rebounding partner takes out all his frustrations on you, having a bitter and angry face. Frown at you all the time by holding a grudge against their ex. As a result, it affects you more and urges negative emotions.

Your rebounding partner thinks that being in a new relationship will help him to come out from their ex. Unfortunately, they cannot come out of these breakups with their past bitterness, so it affects your relationship. 

Either their anger or sexual frustration with you!! This makes you feel like you fail to make them happy. So, either take a break from this relationship or talk with your rebounding partner, “Why does he do this?”

7. Bonding Just With You For The Sake of Companionship Only.

Life is beautiful when you are in a romantic relationship, where you want to feel you are unique and loved. But in a rebounding relationship, the other partner uses you for companionship rather than having real heart connections.

Your rebounding partner can’t be single or alone, which is forced to be in this companionship. You are the only stand-in for your rebounding partner. 

8. Connect With Their Ex After Post-Break-Ups.

When it comes to any committed, sincere, or romantic relationship, one person is still connected with their ex. Sometimes, your rebounding partner goes to meet with their ex even after the post-break in a week or a month.

Of course, this situation is uncomfortable, but still, your rebounding partner has a connection with his ex.

9. Compare You To Their Ex.

If your rebounding partner constantly compares you with your ex, saying she is prettier than you or her nature is better than yours, then this will give a flag signal that they still like their ex. Your values are just like “side dish, not a main dish of a platter!”

10. Your Rebounding Partner Advertises You More.

It is quite exciting to be dating someone new, and you might feel like shouting your love from the rooftops. However, it is not a good sign when your rebounding partner does it shortly after the meeting.

It is perfect to show off your partner to the world, but only when you are sure about your relationship.

Sometimes, this behavior makes you feel whack when your rebound partner does this because your rebound partner uses these techniques to make their ex jealous.

11. Not Committed to The Plan.

If you want to make plans with your rebounding partner about your future or marriage, they deliberately turn you down, avoiding you. This shows that they are not serious about long-term relationships with you.

Your rebounding partner is reluctant to discuss the future with you, which is a clear sign that they do not want to be with you for a longer time. 

Signs A Rebound Relationship Is Fading Away!!

Unfortunately, the rebound relationship won’t work out for long unless the rebound partner is willing to solve the issues of their past breakup, and it truly feels like a natural sense to the new partner, so it will gradually fade away! So, here are some signs that it won’t work out:

  • Your rebounding partner never gives you importance, gives more power to the other partner, and humiliates you constantly in front of their friends and colleagues. So, there needs to be more equality in the relationships.
  • Your rebounding partner is arrogant and insecure and tries to control your emotions, not giving you freedom and liberty.
  • There is no romance in a relationship; your rebound partner does not love you, and there is a lack of feeling in his heart. 
  • As we know, serious couples always decide or talk about many things in a romantic relationship. But if you see your partner controlling and avoiding you, your rebounding relationship is fading out.

So, if your rebounding relationship is on the verge of breaking out, it is better to move on to a place where your new rebounding partner is unwilling to be with you. 

Essential Statistics On Rebound Marriages [Updated Report]

Here is the statistics ratio on rebound marriages; put a glance at the table below:

Statistics Percentage/Average
 Rebound marriages ending in divorce 85%
 Rebound marriages involving previously partnered individuals 39%
 Second marriages classified as “rebound” ending in divorce 78%
 Newly divorced men remarrying 67%
 Newly divorced women remarrying 37%
 Citing loneliness or the need for companionship as a reason to remarry 66%
 Average duration of rebound relationships before the marriage of failure 5-7 months
 Rebound relationships leading into marriage  23%
 Rebound relationships failing 75%
 Rebound marriages resulting in a lasting relationship 16%
 Increase in lasting relationships when discussing past mistakes 55%
 The failure rate increases due to unresolved grief 67%


A rebounding relationship is just like the storyline of a tragic movie, which always has sad endings. So, above are the 11 signs you must check when you are in a rebounding relationship with your rebounding partner.

This relationship mirrors the experience of dreaming about a perfect love story, only to awaken and find that nothing from the dream has carried into reality. 


1. How do rebound partners feel in these rebounding relationships?

Ans: The rebound partner never gets out from the past breakup and never gives a chance to their new relationship.

2. Are rebounding partners serious in their new relationship?

Ans: No, they are not serious at all. They use their new partner as their puppet and use them to make their ex jealous. 

3. If you are in a rebound relationship, what do I need to see?

Ans: If you are in a rebound relationship, then check with all these signs first: whether your partner is committed or not, ignoring you, comparing you with their ex, using you as their game plan, and talking more about their ex, not giving importance to you. 

4. Can we commit to rebounding relationships in the long term?

Ans: We can only commit more to a rebounding relationship if your rebounding partner is willing to be with you for longer.

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