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So, you’ve stumbled upon someone who’s caught your eye, and you’re eager to know how to get your crush to like you. That’s a great question. Honestly speaking, most people are far too shy to approach their person of interest, talk to them, and hint that they like them. They lack proper guidance. After all, you have to express your interest to your crush if you ever hope for it to develop into something more. Alternatively, much better, you should make them fall in love with you by flaunting your abilities. 

That said, you need to do a few specific things to slowly make them fall for you, one day at a time! Continue reading to explore fascinating ways “how to get your crush to like you” and make them fall in love in a matter of days. 

A little bit about “Crush!”

A crush is defined as a “brief and intense, and usually short-lived infatuation for a person, especially someone who is unattainable. It involves a feeling of excitement, admiration, and a desire to meet them. But the truth is these words capture the anguish of letting someone else take control of your heart. 

There are often moments when a crush is all you can think about; other times, it’s only a fleeting glance. The flutter of excitement whenever they’re around, the rush of joy when they smile at you, and the anxiety of not knowing how they feel about you—all these emotions are part of the experience. But how do you approach them so that they like you back? Let’s get into it. 

How To Get Your Crush to Like You? – 12 Ways

We understand how frightening it might be to take the initial step and approach them, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Let’s explore a few tips to help you approach your crush the right way. Here are the tips to consider: 

1. Firstly, be yourself. 

Being real and confident is key in everything you do. When you’re comfortable with yourself, imagine how nicely each and every conversation with anyone can go! Moreover, it shows when you feel good about yourself, others are more likely to feel good about you, too. So, try to dress appropriately and maintain proper mannerisms. After all, first impressions matter, and while looks aren’t everything, taking care of your appearance can boost your confidence and make you more attractive to your crush. 

2. Make them aware of your existence.

We know having a crush can be beautiful, but not when the other person is oblivious to your existence. You can’t expect that person to figure out that you’re crushing hard on them. Keep in mind to be confident, avoid nervous talking, and act like a cool person whenever you encounter them. Smile often, engage in conversations, and find excuses to make them aware that you exist. 

3. Make eye contact.

Brace yourself up – it’s time to make eye contact. Making eye contact with someone is a major attraction stimulant. In one study, two people who were not related to each other were told to stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes. It was shown that, in certain cases, this was sufficient for them to form intense romantic connections with one another. If these two could show affection in a room full of doctors, just think of the amazing things that the power of eye contact attraction may accomplish for you and your crush. So, get their attention by looking at them with a lingering gaze. But don’t make it look spooky–it will make it worse. This tip of making eye contact is a great element of communication, and you can learn a lot about each other. 

4. Talk to them and laugh around. 

As philosophy says, “The more we laugh with someone, the more we are drawn to them.” This is very true in real life. Make an effort to talk to them as much as you can, flirt around, make silly jokes, and laugh out loud. You can talk about funny childhood memories you had or attend a stand-up comedy show. Drop cheesy compliments. Be respectful and gentle when you offer them a compliment; there’s a vast difference between the two.

5. Try to be around them. 

Though it may seem obvious among the others, spending quality time with loved ones helps a lot. After all, without spending time with someone, how will you ever get to know them? There’s a phenomenon known as “The Mere Exposure Effect,” which states that you can make someone like you just by spending enough time and frequency with them. 

6. Subtly show them you’re interested.

Sometimes, your actions speak louder than words. So be careful of your body language when approaching them. So, if you really want to talk to that person, show it! Lean towards your crush while you’re speaking, and keep your chin out. Again, you can find different ways to show them indirectly that you’re into them. 

7. Find the similarities. 

Another great tip to get your crush to like you is to discover the similarities. You might have heard of the saying we are attracted to those we perceive as similar to ourselves. Studies show that attraction will increase if we perceive our commonalities as unusual. Moreover, knowing each other’s similarities and differences will help you see the world through their perspectives. This, in turn, will give you more topics to talk about. So yeah, it’s definitely a big deal if you’re both Geminis or have mutual friends. 

8. Make friends with their friends. 

This is a very important and, in fact, useful tip. Why not speak to their friends first, even though you might be a little awkward approaching your crush? They will be able to form a perspective of you, and by the time you speak with your former partner, they will better understand who you are. Plus, it’s a good start if their friends think well of you. So find ways to get in touch with your crush’s friend – maybe by texting them on Instagram or through mutual friends. 

9. Be a good listener. 

Another useful tip is to be a good listener. This tip is great if you get lucky enough to have moved ahead in the game and befriend your crush. Now that you can get them to spend time with you, show off the most important skill for becoming a potential partner: being a good listener. No matter how boring their talk is, keep listening attentively. Avoid using and don’t zone out. This tells them you’re really interested in getting to know them. 

10. Be playful and flirty. 

Being flirty is what many people do. But what they don’t know is how to flirt properly without them getting offended. Subtle, playful interactions can help build a romantic tension that can lead to something more. You can try complimenting them–don’t be fake about it. 

When someone truly believes you’re a decent person with excellent taste, it’s impossible to ignore them. Appreciate their sense of style and find their quips humorous, despite their corny content. It will also improve your mood! Also, don’t be afraid to get a little touchy-feely – only if the person is okay with it. 

11. Ask her to do a small favor.

This may sound a bit challenging, but this trick really works wonders. If they do a minor act of service for you, they will unintentionally associate feelings of positivity and approval with you. Maybe don’t make them try to get Era’s Tour tickets for you, but it would be okay to ask them to help you with a college project.

12. Don’t talk about your previous relationships. 

This is a common mistake that many people make, especially in today’s generation. They think talking about their past relationships makes them look cool. We know how tempting this can be; you feel like sharing your past and giving them insight into the relationship you desire. 

But the truth is, as much as it might make for an interesting and emotional conversation, keep it to yourself. You can talk about it only once you both open up about each other. For the first meeting or date, though, it’s not a good idea.

Final Note

By now, you should know how to get your crush to like you. It’s very straightforward, but you need to be careful and patient. Winning someone’s heart takes time. All you have to do is be confident and real around them so they get the same vibe. But before you start panicking at being upfront and honest with them, don’t worry as it’s not as and as you think it will be. Love often comes when you least expect it, and sometimes, the best relationships start with a solid foundation of friendship and mutual respect! 


1. How can I get my crush to like me?

Ans: Talk to them kindly, accompany them wherever they go, give compliments, laugh out loud, and listen to their talks carefully. 

2. How do I make my crush fall in love with me?

Ans: To make your crush fall in love with you, try to show interest in them. Ask them questions about their hobbies, future goals, bucket list, and dream destinations. Listen politely and respond with passion and kindness. 

3. How do I know if my crush likes me?

Ans: Look for the following signs to see if your crush likes you: 

  • They show positive body language. 
  • They ask interesting questions about you and life. 
  • They find excuses to meet you. 
  • They look at you while doing little things. 

4. How to tell if a girl is into you? 

Ans: If the girl’s family and friends know about you, make an effort to meet you, compliment you, and remember things you tell her, that means the girl is into you.

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