Outdoor Date Ideas

Looking for romantic outdoor date ideas? We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s be real. Movie and dinner dates are outdated. We get it if you’re bored of date cliches like catching a movie or dinners out. Amidst the busy schedule, it’s easier than ever to fall for an at-home or indoor date rut.

Sure, at-home dates are great – the comfort of being around together on the couch and in the kitchen. You’re both used to it. But it’s natural for humans to crave change.

This is why we’ve put together a list of outdoor date ideas to spice up your love life! Even if you don’t consider yourself an “outdoorsy type,” you’re going to love these ideas. 

Keep reading as we list down the best 12 outdoor date ideas for couples to reconnect with their partners. 

Why Is Going On A Date Important? 

It has been reported that over half of Americans don’t go out on dates, and this leads to unhappy relationships.

In today’s busy lifestyle, dates are the only way to spend quality time with your partner and deepen your connection. Spending a date outside can actually bring you closer to your partner.

A good date should let you get to know each other without forcing awkward conversations. It’s not just about having fun but also about strengthening your bond.

Experts have said that being outdoors encourages us to be more present and attentive to each other. It’s a way to detach ourselves from busy schedules and focus on living in the moment with your partner. 

Plus, planning outdoor dates is a great excuse to show your partner how much you care, no matter if you’ve been dating for two months or two years. So, be spontaneous and plan more adventures together to make your romance alive. 

Top 12 Outdoor Date Ideas For Couples

We’re all well aware that a love for the outdoors exists on a spectrum, from walking on the beach to trying out new restaurants. Let’s explore some of the best outdoor date ideas for couples in detail. 

1. Go on a hike

Being in nature en route to a beautiful view is likely on everyone’s list. Consider this idea only if you think your partner loves sports and is a fitness enthusiast.

Find a hike neither of you has been to, and prepare drinks and refreshments at the spot. Enjoy the scenic beauty of each other’s company. Better yet, pair this with a picnic for a date to create memories together. 

2. Arrange a picnic 

Spend some quality time together amidst nature. This low-pressure activity allows you to relax, enjoy nature, and learn more about each other as you wander.

Pack a basket full of picnic essentials like sandwiches, chips, fruits, lemonade, drinks, crackers, popcorn, card games, etc.

Then, lay a picnic blanket and dig into your snacks while engaging in fun conversation. Make sure to choose a cozy spot under the shade of a tree or by a serene lake. 

3. Go camping

Setting up a tent in nature is a super romantic date idea that lets you escape from daily distractions. So, grab your tent, lanterns, pillows, and blankets, and help each other set up a tent in your backyard or nearby park.

Spend the night under the stars and indulge in deep conversations. Look around, talk about what you see, and reignite your senses. Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks to get that cozy vibe! Glamping is always an option, too! 

4. Go for biking/cycling. 

Use your own bikes or rent some out for the day. Bike around the beautiful streets of your city together and pretend you’re a tourist. Explore new areas and streets.

Stop at the best and most aesthetic shop or cafe and act like you’re new to the place. Brownie points if you ride a tandem. You’re surely bound to catch some beautiful views.  

5. Watch sunrise/sunset at the beach.

An oldie but a goodie. Beach days are best, no doubt. If you want a relaxing date idea where you can admire the surroundings and have great conversations, head to your city beach to watch the sunrise or sunset together. Have some ice creams or snacks while chatting with each other. 

6. Go stargazing together

Stargazing is the best option if you’re looking for a nighttime date. It is a romantic way to spend time together. Head out to your backyard, balcony, open field, or beach with a bottle of wine and a few snacks.

Lay a blanket under the stars, wrap your arms around one another, and talk about your favorite things. Admire the spectacular night view together. This will surely end your night on a dreamy note. 

7. Restaurant hopping

Restaurant hopping is simply going to different restaurants and experimenting with your taste buds for each course. Instead of settling in and only experiencing one restaurant, hopping around can make for some fun and interactive discussion. 

When we think of a date or a romantic getaway, a date on the rooftop of a cool restaurant comes to mind. Imagine yourself wearing the cutest dress, sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying a meal at an exquisite rooftop cafe or restaurant, and taking Instagrammable pictures!

Restaurant hopping is what makes it more special and fun! That’s what we consider a decent outdoor date for a Gen-Z couple.

So pick one restaurant for appetizers, the next one for the main course, and a third restaurant for dessert. Go ahead and shake things up with this outdoor date idea.

8. Spend time in an amusement park

Theme parks remind us of our childhood, and that’s what we want to feel like when we’re in a relationship. So, book a ticket for the two of you, enjoy a fun day at an amusement park, and relish your inner childhood together.

As the two of you soak up the lively atmosphere, you can enjoy the thrilling rides and fun activities, savor carnival food, and watch happy people around you! 

9. Set up a bonfire

Cuddling around the fire and roasting marshmallows is another outdoor date idea that’s on every couple’s list. Yes, this may require lots of planning and effort, but it’ll be worth it and definitely special.

You may think this idea is great for a group of friends, but honestly, it’s ten times more romantic if you do it with your loved one. Find some good wood, stack it up, and give it a light. This one outdoor date will surely leave you warm inside and out. 

10. Go for a Long drive

Sometimes, the best destination is no destination – it’s all about the journey. Going on a long drive is a great activity that’s sure to strengthen your chemistry.

Driving aimlessly, blasting your favorite song, and having deep conversations with one another are the best parts of long drives.

Pick a scenic route on a suitable day, and look up a few places to eat around the route. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and soft drinks on the road.

You can also park your car up on a hill to catch the mesmerizing sunrise or sunset. Drive-in movies are also a great addition to our list. 

11. Head to a pet cafe

Need some out-of-the-box outdoor date ideas? Head to a cat cafe or dog park. You’ll both get a kick out of watching the animals. Animals are great icebreakers; they are proven catalysts for building relationships. How? Petting a dog or cafe triggers love hormones called oxytocin.

This, in turn, increases relaxation and social bonding. Many pet cafes have seating inside where you can buy food and drinks and enjoy chatting with your partner. If you adore pets, this could be the cutest outdoor date idea. 

12. Set up a scavenger hunt.

This is another fun outdoor activity for couples to explore around the town. You can find a local company that organizes scavenger hunts for groups and folks. Or one of you could devise a scavenger hunt for the other that brings you to a romantic outdoor location.

A neighborhood or yard scavenger hunt is a good option if you like the idea but don’t want to take on a big project. Just leave little cues around your neighborhood and have fun together. You can also go on a scavenger hunt at the beach, looking for shells. 

How Do You Plan Your Outdoor Dates? – Tips 

After you’ve picked the outdoor date idea, it’s time to plan it out. In order to ensure you have a good and special time with your partner, there are some important things to keep in mind.

We’ve provided some tips that will help you leave no trace and have the best date ever! 

Tip #1  Plan in advance. 

Sure, we all love surprises, but no one wants to be uncomfortable, cold, or hungry. Let’s say you booked a bungee jumping date without realizing your partner has acrophobia or a fear of heights.

Of course, your date will go in vain. That’s why it’s important to discuss the weather or activities you plan to do so your lover knows how to dress and prepare everything beforehand. 

You can keep the location private if you prefer to keep it a surprise, but let them know what kind of date it is. Research the place you’ve planned to go to feel comfortable and secure. 

Tip #2: Pack up essentials. 

Going outdoors means grabbing essentials along with you. Pack your bag with water, snacks, plates, cups, and blankets to keep yourself active and energized.

Also, keep some hand wipes available, as well as bug spray, SPF, cards to play, and perhaps a portable speaker for some light background music.

Tip #3: Be considerate of your partner. 

This is a very important tip you should keep in mind. Your partner’s ideas about spending time might differ from yours. That means everyone’s connection to the outdoors is deeply personal.

So, be humble and communicate openly. Fill in your partner with details and make sure they know what lies ahead. 

Tip #4: Go with the flow

You might have planned out every detail of a particular outdoor date, but don’t forget to leave some room to be spontaneous.

It’s okay if your partner decides to have ice cream instead of going to the beach. Anything can happen when you’re outside. Accept the situation and go with the flow. It’s a part of the exploration and adventure. 

Final Reflection –

These were some of the outdoor date ideas for couples to build chemistry. Scenic hiking, camping, stargazing, biking, and going on a long drive are some of the best outdoor date ideas that are sure to deepen your bond.

Never miss going on dates with your partner, no matter how busy your life gets.

So, ditch the traditional date choice and try these fun outdoor activities together. Schedule a day to get out there, and let your date know how excited you are to spend time with them. Follow the above tips and pull off your date. 


1. How can I spend my time outside with my boyfriend?

Ans: You can go hiking, camping, trying out new restaurants and amusement parks, and watching sunsets at the beach. 

2. How do you plan an outdoor date?

Ans: Coordinate schedules, choose the spot, pack up essentials, and head to your location with your partner. Keep your safety in mind while having fun together. 

3. What is the most iconic first date idea?

Ans: The most iconic first date idea is walking through the beachside or going to a fancy rooftop restaurant and talking about your favorites. 

4. What to do on a walk date?

Ans: A nature walk is a great date idea where you can munch on ice cream or snacks and enjoy each other’s company. 

5. Where do couples go on a first date?

Ans: Couples usually go to a coffee shop, grab some snacks, and go for a walk on a first date. 

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