How To Fall Back in Love?

If you feel like your relationship is drifting apart, you might find yourself asking, “Have I lost feelings for my partner?” “How to fall back in love?” 

It’s completely normal to feel more or less in love with your long-term partner sometimes. After all, love is like a flame. It keeps flickering and dimming over time. 

Moreover, every relationship has its ups and downs. Sadly, every romance will hit a point when the spark starts to fade, and things feel a little boring. 

Even just a few years with the same partner can start to feel monotonous. Same old boring stuff, especially if you live together. But the truth is this experience doesn’t necessarily mean you’re finished or destined for a breakup. 

What if we told you it’s not too late to bring back that spark, just like those in marriage days? Yes, you can indeed fall back in love – with a bit of effort. 

Continue reading as we explain how to fall back in love all over and revitalize the romance with your partner.  

First Of All, It’s Okay To Fall Out Of Love. 

We get it if you haven’t felt that heart-skipping-a-beat in a while. You’ve lost feelings for your partner. But why does this happen? 

According to experts, love, sex, and intimacy do fluctuate throughout the lifetime, and there will be stages of closeness.

The truth is relationships naturally change over time, and it’s very common for them to drift away. With the endless stress of daily responsibilities and taking care of kids, it can be hard to maintain the same love feelings that you felt in your initial married relationship.

As a couple enters into a long-term, committed relationship or marriage, they are both in for a surprise. Amidst the joy of falling in love and starting a life together, there’s a harsh reality – both tend to become less attentive or lazy. As a result, it is more common for people to fall out of love than they think.

Signs You’re Falling Out Of Love

In most cases, the transition from being in love to being out of love is slow and nuanced, and often, it’s because of various reasons rather than a single issue. 

Here are some of the possible signs you might be falling out of love, according to experts:

  • There’s a lack of physical intimacy and sex.
  • You start comparing your relationship with others. 
  • You don’t talk about the future anymore. 
  • You’re not communicating with your partner the way you used to. 
  • You both are busy and spend less time together. 
  • There’s an increase in conflicts. 
  • You’re keeping unrealistic expectations.
  • Your lives are going in different directions.
  • Their actions and flaws are increasingly getting on your nerves.  
  • You fantasize about being single or seeing other people. 

Considering the above signs, you might feel that you are falling out of love. So what can you do next? 

How To Fall Back In Love? – Tips

Let’s now discuss some tips for falling back in love with your partner. The goal here is to find fresh ways to rediscover each other and chase the feeling of being in love with them all over again. 

Tip #1: Go on regular dates. 

When was the last time you went on an actual date with your partner? It’s easy to forget about fun outings or dates when life gets busy. But sometimes, all it takes is to connect with each other on a romantic date. 

Research shows that couples who spend quality time together at least once a week have better communication, more sexual satisfaction, and a stronger sense of commitment than those who do not. 

Take out your calendar and plan weekly dates. Wear attractive dresses and go for candlelight dinners. Your love will feel young again. 

Here’s a fun tip: One of the best ways is to revisit some of the places where you first met and recreate the moments that made you fall in love in the first place. 

Tip #2: Get physical – not just in bed. 

We all know how physical intimacy is important to have a romantic relationship. It produces oxytocin (happy hormones), which promotes feelings of attachment and trust

You’re already preoccupied with your work schedule, which is distancing you from your partner. And lack of intimacy will shatter everything.  

Spicing things up in your bedroom can be an awesome way to reignite that spark. Another important thing to remember is to make foreplay a priority. Cuddling and talking about romantic things is also a good way. Make more room in your calendar to make love before sex. 

However, if sex is not your thing, just ignore it. There are other things you can do to make love.

Tip #3: Make communication a priority.  

When was the last time you had an interesting conversation with your partner? It’s been too long. It can be difficult to admit you’re losing feelings for your partner, and it’s even trickier to communicate it with your partner. But you must talk it out. 

Experts say that lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding and resentment and, ultimately, make you fall out of love. 

So, pick a suitable place and time according to your schedule. Express your thoughts, doubts, and concerns openly with your partner. Also, clearly listen to their views and ideas on how to bring back that romance. 

Yes, it might intimidate you to make the first move to talk about unusual topics like this. Take a deep breath and be honest. You’ll see this conversation will be a therapeutic experience for both of you. 

Tip #4: Let go of your resentment.

So your partner isn’t saying thank you or kissing you, like in the old days. But how about you? When your partner is not meeting your expectations, it leads to resentment. 

One of the common causes of the spark fading off is that we build up resentment. Expecting your partner always to be funny, attractive, sensible, and reasonable sets the stage for conflict. This is very wrong. 

You first have to let go of your resentment to rediscover your excitement. Even if these are not the main problems, it’s important to talk about them – first with yourself and then with your partner. 

After this, you can move on to chattering about more deep-rooted long-term issues. This will make your communication easier, making you feel more in love. 

Tip #5: Keep flirting. 

Remember the days when you used to flirt with each other by saying nasty and cheesy stuff? Admit it, you loved those flirty moments and had butterflies in your stomach. So bring that back. It’s the least you can do to rekindle the love.

Every now and again, intentionally say words of affirmation, encouragement, and respect. It could take the form of flirting or gentle encouragement. 

Stay playful and look for opportunities to have fun with each other, either alone or around people. 

Tip #6: Reminisce about the past. 

Take out the old photo album or (phone gallery) and start reminiscing about your favorite date nights, wedding days, honeymoons, and travels together. Going down memory lane can undoubtedly help you rekindle that flame.  

Daydream and get lost in the memories of those first dates to remind yourself that your partner is still the same person. Pausing to remember what brought you together and reflecting on the life you’ve built together is extremely important. 

At the end of the day, it’s about recalling the reasons why you connected with your partner in the first place.

Tip #7: Randomly text them.

As cheesy as it may sound, texting your partner is a good way to express your feelings. When you’re at work or a party, let them know you’re thinking about them all day. 

Simple texts like “Wish you were here,” “I love you,” or “Can’t wait to see you at night” would mean the world to them. You need not to do it every day, but once in a while, it is fine.

Tip #8: Try something new together. 

Boredom is often mistaken for a lack of love. One way to avoid boredom is doing something new. No, we didn’t mean to go skydiving or bungee jumping (Though that would surely be great!). 

It could be as simple as trying new hobbies like painting or video gaming. You can also make some new recipes in the kitchen while doing nasty stuff!

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, either. Think about the days you were dating initially and how special it was. So, seek ways to revive those sentiments. 

Tip #9: Don’t take things too personally. 

Taking things personally can ruin relationships in many ways. Perhaps your partner has said something that wasn’t meant to be an insult. 

Truth be told, things happen due to stress or other work or life responsibilities. This is why you shouldn’t take things to heart. When your partner says something offensive, take it in a positive way. 

Falling in love again with your partner would mean exercising tolerance, offering forgiveness, and actively practicing gratitude, patience, and acceptance.

Here’s a quick tip: Don’t bother about what others think. Love yourself and know your worth. Eventually, you’ll stop taking things personally.

Tip #10: Give heartfelt apologies when making minor mistakes. 

Feeling sorry for your mistakes (even silly ones) is a courageous act. 

Let’s face it – Everyone makes mistakes or has bad times, especially in relationships. 

The trick to falling in love again is to accept each other’s faults and admit when you’re at fault. Remember to apologize when you are genuinely wrong. If you misbehaved with your partner over the silly thing, say sorry.

Apologizing wouldn’t hurt your self-esteem but would greatly allow your partner’s hurt feelings. 

There are many techniques to make up for your behavior. You bring their favorite food or dessert and say the word “sorry” by explaining in detail why you’re sorry.

Tip #11: Practice kindness and empathy.

As simple as it sounds, kindness is key to a healthy relationship. Our negative feelings triggered by whatever else is going on in our lives can interfere with our ability to be kind.

Research shows that simply being kind and empathetic with your partner can reignite the spark in the relationship. 

If you genuinely try to understand your partner’s point of view, falling back in love becomes easy. It will soften your partner even in heated moments.

So, examine what is bothering your partner and which of your actions are worsening the hurt. Don’t assume things. Make some time and talk it out with love.

Tip #12: Keep your gadgets away and spend some quality time. 

We’re sure you’re aware of the addiction to social media. It’s easy to get stuck into staring at your screens during times when you’re together. So, ditch your mobile phones and laptops for some time. 

Spend quality time with your partner by reading books or doing anything that excites you both. At times, your companionship is most enduring in silence and complete togetherness. Eventually, you’ll notice positive changes in your relationship

Tip #13: Be realistic about the relationship’s highs and lows. 

Stop worrying and saying, “The feeling is gone”. Of course, you would love to go back to the carefree days when you first met and couldn’t keep your hands off each other. 

Remember, your lives were different back then. Perhaps you didn’t have kids, or your job was less stressful, or you were making less money. 

Know that even the best relationships or marriages get stuck sometimes, and if you’re focused on what’s wrong rather than bringing your best self to your relationship, that’s a good recipe for failure. So start being realistic. 

Tip #14: Seek advice from professionals 

If the above tips are not working for you, it’s always best to speak with a professional relationship therapist or counselor. Many couples find this as the easiest road.

But keep in mind that this is the option only when your relationship is nearly over anyway. 

Final words!

So these are some useful tips on how to fall back in love with your partner. With these suggestions, you can challenge yourself to add a serious spark to your relationship. With a bit of effort and a lot of love, you can recapture the beauty that brought you together in the first place. 

At the end of the day, try not to be hard on yourself or your partner. The most important thing is to actively engage to keep the spark alive. 

If you’re still feeling discouraged, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional therapist. You can even seek advice from your family or friends if they are your go-to people.

As long as your first appeal is understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance instead of criticism and contempt, you stand a better chance of making it through.

It’s never too late to rediscover the spark, but it helps to tackle it sooner rather than later. Start now!


1. Is it normal to lose a feeling in a relationship?

Ans: Yes, it’s totally normal if you’ve lost interest or feelings for your partner. But it doesn’t mean the end of your relationship. You can try certain things to revive the relationship. 

2. Is it possible to fall back in love with someone?

Ans: Yes. It’s possible to fall back in love with someone, be it your date or spouse. But, it requires lots of learning and implementing new ways to love and communicate with each other. 

3. How do you fall in love after losing feelings? 

Ans: There are many things you can do to bring your feelings back:

  • Remind yourself about your lover’s good qualities.
  • Compliment each other over little things.
  • Communicate openly.
  • Show an interest in their favorite stuff.
  • Go on dates. And more. 

4. Should you break up if you lose feelings?

Ans: Absolutely not. If you have lost feelings for your partner, breaking up is not the solution. Instead, you must do things to revive those feelings. Things like going on regular dates, giving compliments, respecting, and communicating with each other can bring love back.

5. Can you still love someone who broke your heart?

Ans: Yes, it’s okay to love someone who breaks your heart. Your feelings and love for them don’t go away overnight, and in some cases, they never go away.

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