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Nadine Caridi is a former well-known British-born American model, author, therapist, actress, motivational speaker, and the wife of famous celebrity Jordan Belfort. She came into the limelight when she became Jordan Belfort’s second wife in 1991. 

Want to know more about Nadine Caridi? This article will explore everything related to her life, including her net worth, age, height, and much more about her personal life relationship. 

Who Is Nadine Caridi?

Nadine Caridi is a British-born model, famous as a poster girl of ‘Miller Lite,’ a well-known beer brand. Apart from this, she became more popular by marrying Jordan Belfort, an American former stockbroker, author, and entrepreneur.

He was involved in so many crimes and fraud in the stock market, and his story was made into a film titled ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

On the other hand, Nadine appeared in several advertisement campaigns for ‘Monday Night Football,’ ‘Seagram,’ and ‘Wrigley.’ Although this sensational beauty has done much hard work as a model to lead a stardom life, she actually received more fame after becoming Jordan’s wife.

What Is Nadine Caridi’s Net Worth?

This talented diva has a net worth of approximately $3 to $5 million USD roughly as of 2023, including her luxurious residencies, assets, and properties, which she has accumulated with her hard work and determination. 

Although Nadine Caridi wanted to be a famous model, her fame hit worldwide when she started dating Jordan and married in 1991, after which she left her career as a model.

However, for various reasons, they got divorced in 2005, after which she worked as a clinical psychologist, career counselor, and family therapist. Today, she owns a YouTube channel, which is her main income source.

She discusses marriage and relationship topics to guide people so she can help them restore their connections with themselves. She also gets a good antimony after her divorce from Jordan. 

Nadine Caridi Age & Early Life

In this section, you will learn the real age of Nadine Caridi and some unknown aspects of her early life. Let’s explore: 


Nadine was born on 24th December 1967 in London, UK, with a horoscope sign of Capricorn. She is 57 years old as of 2024. Nadine is of white ethnicity and relates to Christianity. 


She owns two nationalities- American and British. American, as she was born in the UK, and British, as she moved to Brooklyn, New York, with her parents and grew up in Bay Ridge, along with her siblings. 


She was also a studious girl. She completed high school at Dewey High School in Brooklyn, and after that, she graduated with Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience.

She joined a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and got her doctorate. Additionally, this intellectual lady also completed her Ph.D. from the same institute.

She is currently using her education and working as a family therapist and marriage counselor, Dr. Nadine Macaluso. 

Parents & Siblings:

Nadine’s father is a dentist, and her mother is a housewife. She has two sisters and a brother. Nadine was never too open about her family members, so there is not much information available about them. She shares pictures with her mother and brother on social media, showing her deep bond with them. 

Dating Life & Relationships:

At the start of her modeling career, she was dating Alan Wilzig, an American philanthropist and entrepreneur, for two years (1988-1990). Although the relationship did not work, they both decided to part ways.

After that, she met Jordan Ross Belfort at a friend’s party, where they both started to like each other. At that time, Jordan was married to Denise Lombardo.

Later, Jordan was divorced from Denise, and in 1991, Jordan and Nadine Caridi decided to marry each other. 

Why Did Nadine Caridi Leave Jordan Belfort?

The marriage relationship between Nadine Caridi and Jordan was short-lived. They got married in 1991 in the Caribbean and have two children, a son named Carter and a daughter named Chandler.

But later, in 2005, they got separated from each other. According to some reports, the reason for their divorce was Jordan’s infidelity and abuse of drugs.

Also, Jordan was always in the limelight for his extra-marital affairs. Not only this, but he also committed fraud in the stock market, for which he was also imprisoned.

While in a relationship with Nadine, Jordan bought a luxurious yacht for his wife and named it ‘Nadine.’ Unfortunately, the boat sank in June 1996.

During this time, Jordan was going through some investigation regarding his business, which later put him in prison in 2003 for around 2 years.

This incident dragged Jordan into destructive behaviors, such as getting addicted to drugs and alcohol and starting marital affairs.

The relationship became worse when he started physical violence and abusive behavior with Nadine. Due to Jordan’s intolerable behavior, she divorced him in 2005. 

Nadine Caridi Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Nadine is a beautiful model of the 90s with 5 feet and 6 inches, an appealing appearance, and a perfect hourglass shape with a body weight of 60kg. Being a therapist, she does yoga to calm her mind.

This gorgeous 57-year-old feminine beauty is an inspirational personality who is aging like a fine wine, motivating women about self-care and fitness.

Let’s look at some of her physical appearance characteristics:

Height (approximate) 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.67m)
Weight  56 Kg (123lbs)
Body Shape Hourglass
Hair Color  Light Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurements (Inches) Chest- 38
Waist- 30
Hips- 40

Nadine Caridi: Journey As A Model 

Nadine Caridi wanted a successful career in modeling. When she was 18, she decided to pursue her dream and relocated to Prague.

She participated in various modeling shows with an appealing and sizzling style. Her modeling career caught the race when an agency ‘Sports by Brooks’ discovered her at a bar on Hermosa Beach and signed her for modeling. 

Later, she created a ‘MySpace’ account and website, uploaded her modeling photoshoots for their fans, and flaunted her beauty.

Meanwhile, in her modeling career, she also got an offer to become a cover profile of a magazine, ‘Playboy,’ which requires her to pose naked. But she rejected such a proposal, putting her in the limelight. 

Further, in 2007, she also won ‘Miss Bikini,’ in 2009, she became the cover model of Playboy magazine and other brands such as Denim and Fierce. She was popularly known as a model but now works as a fitness trainer and health enthusiast.

Nadine Caridi Current Life: Husband, Kids & Career

In this section, you will find more about her current life, including who her husband is, how many kids she has, and what she is doing now. Continue reading!


Although Nadine Caridi’s first marriage with Jordan was not successful, after she got divorced from Jordan, she married John Macaluso again.

She lives as the wife of John Macaluso in Manhattan Beach, California. He was CEO of Wizard World and an ex-entrepreneur who still shares around $ 8 million in the company.

Now, he is a businessman and owner of a garment manufacturing company. Besides business, he is a former drummer who has played for TNT, Ark, and Yngwie Malmsteen. 

According to reports, he is 22 years older than Nadine, but age doesn’t matter in love. They have both been happily married for the last eighteen years. Their love for each other can be seen on her Instagram profile, where she shares her couple’s pictures. 


Nadine Caridi and John Macaluso do not have any children together. Macaluso has three daughters named Nikki McTernan, Frankie Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso from his first wife, and Nadine has two kids, a daughter (Chandler Winter) and a son (Carter J. Belfort) from her ex-husband Jordan. 

So, after their marriage, Nadine’s house is filled with 5 kids whom they both love equally. Furthermore, her kids are also now married.

Her daughter Chandler is married to Connor Winter, a businessman, and Carter is married to Cate Schiff. Today, everyone is living their happy life and spending cherished moments together. 


Today, Nadine Caridi is working as a family therapist and somatic psychologist. She owns her private practice in Hermosa Beach, California. She is experienced in attachment, narcissism, trauma, and trauma bonds.

She treats individuals, couples, and families who are struggling with relational trauma, such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence, infidelity, divorce, life transitions, and addiction, by combining somatic, cognitive, and emotional ideologies.

Moreover, she has also written and released a book in 2021 ‘Run Like Hell: A Therapist’s Guide To Recognizing, Escaping, And Healing From Trauma Bonds.’ This book is about her personal traumatic life experiences so readers can find and recover from abusive and toxic relationships.

Nadine Caridi Social Appearance

Nadine has also gained a fantastic appearance on social media platforms. She has a website and Instagram profile named @therealdrnadine with 93k plus followers as of February 2024 and more than 2k posts. 

She mostly published motivational content or images about trauma bonds, psychology, related topics, life journeys, family relations, and happy moments with her husband and kids.

She also shares mental health issues on her page to spread awareness to women on manipulations and abusive relationships leading to trauma bondings.

Wrapping Up

So, here we wrap up all the significant stories of Nadine Caridi’s life. Though she tries to keep her personal life private, she also wants to be a public figure.

She is very active in her business as a therapist and somatic psychologist and also posts motivational quotes on her social platforms to stay connected with her fans.

She had gone through a difficult time in her life when her ex-husband, the star of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Jordan, started to abuse her in marriage.

But she takes a stand for herself and blooms out again. She lives in a happy sphere with her husband, John, and kids. She built a new life and was quite successful in her field.


1. Why did Nadine divorce Jordan?

Ans: They both tied the knot in 1991, but after 14 years of marriage, they got divorced in 2005 because of physical and mental abuse from Jordan.

2. Did Jordan Belfort hit Nadine?

Ans: According to Nadine, Jordan did get violent with her and tried to take their children away when she told him she wanted to leave.

3. How much of Wolf of Wall Street is true?

Ans: The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a con artist who became famous for his fraudulent actions. The movie includes accurate details, such as smuggling money into Swiss banks and sinking a yacht.

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