How Old Is Mr Beast

Hundreds of people who have financial crises now earn in dollars. This can be possible only from one man. He is a leading YouTube content creator who used to make content for these oppressed groups, and what he earned from his YouTube channel, uploading their videos, then he gave to them!

He is not only a prominent YouTube content creator who accumulated 50 million dollars from his exclusive YouTube videos in 2022 but is also known for his giveaway approach and philanthropy work.

So, he is known as the “giveaway-happy man,” he is none other than Mr Beast Akka Jimmy Donaldson. Like Robin Hood’s character, he only likes to distribute his money in the community and knows only to give!

In this article, we will explore his life profile, net worth, his exact age, and so on. Let’s turn the page now!

Who Is Jimmy Donaldson?

James Stephen Donaldson was born in Wichita, Kansas (May 7, 1998). Since then, his parents have called him Jimmy, so his name has changed from “James” to “Jimmy.”

Early Life of Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

People might be thinking that with the vast amount of money he used to spend on his YouTube channel, he might be born with a silver spoon. 

But we want to clarify that Jimmy Donaldson was an ordinary man like you and us!! His mother was in the military, so they used to relocate from one country to another. When he was born, he was in Kansas state. 

Then, a few years later, he and his mother moved to Greenville, North Carolina, U.S., which was his hometown and where his upbringing started. 

How Old Is Mr Beast? A Year-by-Year Look At His Achievements and Challenges

Is your mind tingling with queries like “How old is Mr Beast?” Now, he is just 24 years old. Some people say that the millions of subscribers he has earned from his YouTube channel are just as every cloud has a silver lining!

So, let’s open Mr Beast’s chapter one by one here in this section by exploring his age-wise triumphs.

From Gaming Enthusiast To The Evolution of Mr Beast 6000

Jimmy Donaldson comes from the Gen-Z Generation, which means he witnessed widespread YouTube success as he grew. 

When he was 12 or 13 years old, YouTube had already become a popular streaming platform where people also used to see gaming videos. He also likes to see all these gaming YouTube videos. 

He came close with some new buddies who are still with him now!! So, he and his few friends started working under Mr Beast’s banner. 

One of his close buddies from this friend list is “Chris Tyson.” When he met him, he felt happy that he had found someone like him who had vast knowledge and was aware of the YouTube community.

So, from there, both bonds become more robust, and most of the time, both are spent discussing YouTube. 

On February 20, 2012, Jimmy paved a new dimension by opening his own YouTube channel and named his channel “Mr Beast 6000.” Do you want to know why he gave his channel name “Mr. Beast 6000”? Is it because his video game profile username is “Mr. Beast 6000 4515?”

His channel became a hit and gained popularity when he uploaded “worst intros on YouTube.” Then he started to upload a few viral gaming videos such as “Minecraft Factions,” “A guy sent his home in our base,” and “Buried around 50 gameplay black ops 2 zombies”, to name a few. 

For the last two years, he has posted only game-related videos. He also started doing commentary videos, whether sharing his own stories or discussing some renowned YouTuber earnings.

From College Dropout to YouTube Star With 241M Subscribers!

Many renowned YouTubers have chosen the YouTube platform as their full-time occupation within the past ten years. And they are getting lucrative earrings from their YouTube channel.

Many quit their jobs and pursue YouTube, and they are doing quite well!

At 18, he viewed all these YouTuber-creator videos and thought, “Why not? I could make YouTube a full-time income source.”

After that, new things started to roll out in his mind, and he became more obsessed with YouTube at a young age. So, in his mid-age, he dreams of becoming a famous YouTube content creator. 

It is evident that at a young age, if one has so much passion for achieving the goal, then it is true that he will be successful.

The same thing happened to Jimmy in high school at age 13; he was very experienced in creating YouTube videos and knew pretty well what types of videos could be more engaging and keep the audience on track. 

He thought that when he approached college age, he would make YouTube his full-time occupation so he wouldn’t go to college anymore. But when he was 18, during his college time, his YouTube career was not at its peak. 

That is why he joined East Carolina University per his parents’ suggestion. However, he got enrolled in this university but used to bunk the classes, so he dropped out. 

Then, he entirely focused on how to grow his YouTube channel; during that period, he used to record his videos and upload them to his channel. After that, such videos are seen on his channel, loaded with fun, engaging, unique, and exceptional videos based on unique ideas.

A few videos that are based on extreme challenges have come into people’s limelight. Where he counts, I Counted To 100,000! Within 24 hours, it has more than 1.4 million likes, 29 million views, and 241 M subscribers.

In other videos, he keeps listening to the same music videos for 10 hours and records himself. 

For all these extreme challenges, he was highlighted among YouTube audiences. Then, after that descent, earrings came from his YouTube channel. 

With these earnings, he started to think he would move out of his hometown with his friends; in this way, he would also be dropped from college. He went near his mother and kept his decision, so her mother supported him. 

With his dedication, passion, and obsession with YouTube, he will one day become a popular YouTube content creator. People think he will do a lot!

Turning a $10,000 Giveaway into 177 Million YouTube Subscribers!

When he was around 21, Jimmy and his friend “Chris Tyson” rented an apartment, and he committed to making full-time YouTube content. 

Today, we can find many YouTube videos in which famous YouTubers give money to other people, which also becomes good content. So, Mr Beast wants to start his video with the same strategies of the give-way approach. 

Jimmy received his first sponsor at that time, who wanted to give $5,000 for his shout-out videos. So, Jimmy thought, “Why not use this $5,000 to make some exciting content?” So, he asked the same sponsor to give an extra $5000 and make it a total of $10,000.

Then the same amount we will give to a homeless man, and whatever the reaction, this can be a good video, and your products will be advertised- Jimmy stated to his first sponsor! The first sponsor appreciated this idea, but many liked his giveaway ideas, too!

Within one month, his Give Way content video reached one million views, and now his channel has been recognized popularly. So, he thought of using this give-way strategy.

He started giving money to deliver boys and home seekers and creating video content on them, which was just a blockbuster hit. He earned money and crossed the milestone of one million subscribers. 

He has a simple policy: “Whatever he earns from his YouTube channel, he will invest it in his making YouTube videos.”

Gradually, time passed, and his channel earned more than $10,000 from his giveaway approach. He gave unique content to spend his money on, such as “5$ for girls to advertise your YouTube channel.”

When he entered at 23, he invested millions of dollars, almost 9 crores, in making his YouTube videos, as per the Indian rupees. 

Quidd, an application company, is sponsoring him so he can donate vast amounts of money to the people. Then he started contributing to “Small Twitch Streamers,” the turning point of his YouTube career.

As time passed, his channel became popular, and he started to expand his team. Now, he is creating content with dozens of teams. 

Also, a unique set is designed for his YouTube content, which is used in his videos only. He gradually studied YouTube’s nitty-gritty and knew how to make the content more impressive and exciting, so he started using graphics and other editing tools. This makes his content unmissable, and more people like to watch it. 

More people from around the globe became regular viewers, and gradually, from 10 million, it crossed to 100 million subscribers. His content was so much liked internationally that he has crossed all subscribers’ milestones.

The most viewed YouTube Content: “I bought a car using only a penny, donated $30,000 to a random Twitch streamer (world record), tried to fly using only Leaf Blowers, and lots more.”

Mr. Beast has other YouTube channels such as MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast 2 (formerly MrBeast Shorts), and the philanthropy channel Beast Philanthropy, Beast Reacts. 

Mr Beast Hits 177M Subscribers and $105M Net Worth – YouTube Sensation!

Now, at 24, he has earned the greatest achievements. His channel has the second-most YouTube subscribers after the T-series. Currently, he has 177 million subscribers. And now have a net worth of $105 million. 

Awards and Recognition

His dedication to the field of YouTube content creation has not only made him more popular but also his give-way approach and philanthropy work have acclaimed many awards and recognitions, such as:

  • In 2019, he received: “Breakout Creator and Vlogger of the Year.”
  • In 2022, he received: “YouTuber of the Year,” “Creator of the Year,” “Live Special,” and “Social God Creator.”
  • In 2023, he received: “Streamy Awards.”


There is a saying, “Not all are born with a silver spoon” or “Do not have Midas Touch.” Jimmy Donaldson, alias Mr Beast, was born into a simple family. 

He has accomplished his dream of becoming a famous and popular YouTube content creator through his willpower and determination. In his dictionary, there is no such word as “nothing is impossible.” Everything is possible for him when it comes to achieving his goal.


1. How many YouTube subscribers does Mr Beast have?

Ans: He has 177 million subscribers, who are his regular viewers. 

2. How much does Mr Beast earn from his YouTube channel in a month?

Ans: As per the Forbes report, Mr Beast generated $54 million from his YouTube channel in a month.

3. What game is Mr Beast fond of?

Ans: He likes to play Minecraft, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

4. What is his current age?

Ans: He is now 24 years old, born with a talented mind. 

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