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We all know the Comedian and TV host James Corden—the man who makes everyone laugh day and night. His gig on “The Late Late Show” has brought fans lots of laughter and some of their favorite celebrity moments. With his contagious humor and remarkable talents, James Corden’s net worth is hardly surprising. But if he hadn’t chosen to retire from “The Late Late Show” after eight years, it might have been higher. 

So, who is this comedian, and how much is he worth in 2024? Here’s everything you need to know about James Corden’s net worth, children, age, height, career, and a lot more. 

Who is James Corden?

James Corden is a British comedian, actor, singer, writer, producer, and former TV host. He is also famous for the Carpool Karaoke and Spill the Guts sections. James gained the most notoriety in his native UK as co-writer and actor of the highly regarded BBC series Gavin & Stacey. His most well-known role in America is that of host of the late-night discussion show “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, which ran on CBS from 2015 to 2023. He bid farewell to the show in April 2023. 

James Corden: Biography 

James Kimberley Corden was born on August 22, 1978, in Hillingdon, Greater London. His parents were Margaret and Malcolm Corden. He was raised in the town of Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, along with his two sisters. 

James attended Park Middle School and Holmer Green Senior School. Some sources claim that he studied drama at the Jackie Palmer Stage School in between. 

Despite growing up in a Salvation Army church, he has stated that he no longer identifies as a Christian. In his autobiography, “May I Have Your Attention, Please?” James disclosed that, at age four, he had realized his calling after being teased by the congregation for misbehaving at his sister’s baptism. So, we can presume that he is an atheist. 

James currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three kids. The mansion has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, along with its own infinity pool, gym, and deck with panoramic views of the ocean. It also has a top-graded chef’s kitchen and elevator. 

Career and Professional Life

James’s career began by playing small roles in several TV shows, including Boyz Unlimited, Teacher, Little Britain, Hollyoaks, and many more. Subsequently, he received recognition for his outstanding performance in the well-liked British drama series “Fat Friends,” which debuted on ITV in 2000. The Show was a hit and won multiple awards and nominations. 

At the age of eighteen, James Corden made his stage debut in the 1996 musical Martin Guerre, playing a single line. He interviewed MeatLoaf as a TV reporter for the first time on the BBC’s Good Morning with Anne and Nick. 

Gareth Jones from the 1999 television series Boyz Unlimited was one of his early television roles. In 1998, he appeared in Tango commercials. In 2000, he played a brief part in a Hollyoaks episode. In Teachers, he played a bookish kid. In 2004, Corden made guest appearances on Dalziel and Pascoe and Little Britain. Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (1999), Mike Leigh’s All or Nothing (2002), Heartlands (2002), and Cruise of the Gods (2002) are just a few of Corden’s early cinematic credits.

The Late Late Show 

Since 2015, James Corden has served as the host of The Late Late Show, taking over from Craig Ferguson. From the beginning of his successful tenure on the late-night talk show, he has had two contract extensions through 2023.

As of last year, the Show was among the most loved talk shows in the United States. Because of the tremendous boost to his popularity that hosting “The Late Late Show” provided, Corden was chosen to host the Grammy Award ceremonies in 2017 and 2018, as well as the Tony Award ceremonies in 2016 and 2019. He also participated in a number of other TV shows, most notably the worldwide talent competition The World’s Best (2019), which he hosted. Additionally, Corden hosted Friends: The Reunion in 2021, a TV special that included the stars of the well-liked sitcom.

As the main host, James is in charge of introducing features like “Carpool Karaoke,” which has gained even more popularity than the late-night broadcast itself, drawing viewers from all over the world. These viewers are none other than celebrities, who join James in singing their favorite songs while driving around Hollywood in his signature SUV. 

Carpool Karaoke Segment 

James Corden introduced the well-liked series Carpool Karaoke in 2011. In it, he drives around town and invites famous people to sing with him. Before they begin singing hit songs and driving around the city, James and his guests have a talk at the beginning of each episode. 

Interestingly, the Show has received over 250 million YouTube views. Clearly, Carpool Karaoke is still one of the most favorite episodes of this late-night program, and it plays a great role in James Corden’s ability to maintain viewer engagement both online and offline.

Who is James Corden’s Wife? 

James Corden has been married to Julia Carey since 2012. James met her in 2010 after the pair were introduced by Corden’s former roommate and mutual friend, Dominic Cooper. The couple immediately clicked, and in 2012, they married in a grand wedding ceremony.

How Many Kids Does James Corden Have?

After getting married in 2012, Julia and James kept details of their children’s lives relatively secret and didn’t post pictures of them on social media. However, they have talked about them a bit in interviews. Also, James has brought his children to a few Los Angeles Lakers games so they may support the team from courtside seats. The couple have three children in total. 

Max Corden is the only son and eldest child, who was born on March 22, 2012. In 2013, James disclosed that Max’s middle name is McCartney, in homage to the late Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and that the choice was, in fact, a bribe. 

The second child, Carey Corden, was born on October 27, 2014. Named after Julia’s maiden name, Carey was born shortly before James and his family relocated to the US so he could launch “The Late Late Show.” 

The youngest of all, Charlotte Corden, was born on December 12, 2017. The day Julia went into labor, James was supposed to broadcast his late-night Show. He had to call his close buddy Harry Styles to host in James’ stead that evening. The next night, Bryan Cranston presented the program while James spent time with his wife and kids. 

What is James Corden’s Net Worth in 2024?

James Coden is said to have a $70 million net worth, according to reliable sites such as Celebrity Net Worth. James might have made a lot of money in the late night if he had made the show segment into a series. As of last year, he’s estimated to be the richest show host in the world alongside Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon. 

Most of his wealth comes from hosting gigs, which earns him more than $6 million a year. In 2019, he extended his contract with CBS, earning between $4 to $5 million. In addition, if the talk show hits a specific Cable TV rating, he receives an additional $2 million in bonus money. 

Moreover, he gets paid to post skits on celebrity content platforms like TikTok, where he frequently stars alongside other well-known actors or musicians. He is also rumored to have made a number of business ventures in the US and the UK, which has added to his riches. 

Endorsement deals

James Corden has been a part of numerous brand endorsements and collaborations over the years. Remarkably, he served as the spokesperson for Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke initiative. James made an appearance in several Samsung advertisements three years later. In 2021, he was introduced as the new face of WW, which was previously known as Weight Watchers.

Real estate 

James Corden owns luxuries like homes and automobiles, much like a lot of other celebrities. James bought $9.7 million for a property in Los Angeles’ Brentwood district in October 2017. The seller’s name was Steve Levitan, the man behind “modern family.” This home was put up for $22 million in February 2017 by James and his spouse. In the end, in May 2023, he sold this mansion for $17 million. Along with Templecombe House in Wargrave, Berkshire, James Corden also has a residence in Belsize Park, London. 

Business Venture 

Apart from his acting and comedy talents, Corden has also shown interest in establishing his reputation and reaping rewards from his accomplishments. He founded Fulwell 73, a production company that has made several popular movies and television series, such as Carpool Karaoke: The Series and the soon-to-be live-action Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello.

How Much Does Corden Get Paid From The Late Late Show? 

According to the reports, James Corden received an annual compensation of approximately $6 million for hosting The Late Late Show. This amount excludes any additional money he may have made from side projects like producing, acting, or product endorsements.

James Corden’s Car collection

With fame and wealth comes car collections, and the man himself has had some extremely impressive cars throughout the years.  Here are some of the supercars he owns:  

  1. Range Rover
  2. Range Rover Sports 
  3. Porsche Cayenne
  4. Aston Martin Vanquish Volante
  5. Jaguar XKR Convertible

What is James Corden’s Age?

The TV host, James Corden was born on August 22, 1978. So, he is 45 years old as of now. His zodiac sign is Leo. 

What is James Corden’s Height and Weight? 

Unlike most of his Hollywood peers, James is a little big, weighing around 133 kg. However, his weight doesn’t affect him, and he is as confident as ever. Recently, he lost 38 kg (84 lbs). In an interview, the comedian disclosed that he dropped the weight by changing his diet and intermittent fasting. He also mentioned had shed 70 pounds overall from his earlier years and plans to shed an additional 30 pounds by the time he is 50.

James Corden: Profile Summary


Full Name James Kimberley Corden
Nickname  James Corden
Place of Birth  London Borough of Hillingdon, England
Date of Birth  August 22, 1978
Age  45 years old (as of 2024)
Height  5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight  95 kg (209 lbs)
Current Residence Los Angeles
Ethnicity English
Education  Holmer Green Senior School 
Nationality  British 
Religion  Atheist
Marital status Married to Julia Carey (2012 m)
Children  One son (Max, 11)

Two daughters (Carey, 9), (Charlotte, 6)

Relationship Status  Married
Profession Comedian, Actor, Singer, Writer, Producer, TV Host
Notable Works  The Late Late Show (2015-2023)
Net worth  $70 million (As of 2024)
Zodiac Sign  Leo 
Siblings  2 sisters (Ruth, Andrea Henry)
Instagram @j_corden
Twitter (X) @JKCorden
TikTok @thelatelateshow
YouTube  @thelatelateshow


Interesting Facts about James Corden 

  • The comedian’s full name is James Kimberley Corden, and his middle name is a tradition for men in his family. 
  • During his high school years in Buckinghamshire, he sang in a boy band called Insatiable. 
  • James’s breakthrough role came in the hit sitcom “Gavin & Stacey. 
  • He won a Tony Award for the best actor in a play for One Man, Two Guvnors in 2012. 
  • He became the host of The Late Late Show in 2015. 
  • The comedian has hosted Grammy awards multiple times. 
  • He is also a successful voice actor. 
  • In 2012, James created Carpool Karaoke when he drove around London singing with Geroge Michael for the UK charity event Comic Relief. 
  • He weighed about 21 stones. With the help of dance classes, intermittent fasting and proper diet, he was able to lose 70 pounds. 
  • He has won a GLAMOUR Award for Man of the Year. 
  • James Corden is all about giving back, which means he is a philanthropist. He has worked with various organizations like RED. 
  • He has his own Malibu mansion. 
  • James lost touch with Matthew Horne, who was his best friend and Gavin and Stacey’s co-star. 
  • James had a huge crush on Lily Allen, who was a Smile singer in 2009.
  • In 2019, he was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 
  • Corden used to date Sheridan Smith in 2007 but broke up two years later in 2009. 

The bottom Line

That was a wrap-up of James Corden’s Net worth and complete biography. James is everyone’s favorite who is a prominent British comic actor, writer, and TV personality known for his self-deprecating humor. The comedian has a net worth of $70 million as of 2024. Even after his retirement from the Show, he continues to thrive in the entertainment industry. His talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, with his net worth reflecting his immense success. 


1. How many children does James Corden have? 

Ans:  James Corden shares three children with his wife, Julia Carey. He has one son, Max (11), and two daughters, Carey (9) and Charlotte (6). 

2. Did James Corden go to drama school? 

Ans: Yes, James studied drama at Jackie Palmer Stage School, near High Wycombe.

3. Why did James Corden retire?

Ans: James Corden bid farewell to The Late Late Show after eight years, as he wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. 

4. Who is James Corden’s wife? 

Ans: James Corden’s wife is a renowned TV producer, Julia Carey. 

5. What is James Corden’s annual salary?

Ans: James Corden makes around $9 million a year, and his salary per episode is $250,000. 

6. Who will replace James Corden?

Ans: Taylor Tomlinson has been replaced with the new show “After Midnight.”


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