Marcia Harvey

When it comes to resilience, hard work, and excellence, Marcia Harvey is familiar with these three embedded qualities. Her achievements and legacies made it tough for her to stand against odds and hurdles.

There is a saying, “When there is will, there is a way: With a determined spirit, she is a remarkable inspiration for all. The quality of tolerance and perseverance are her triumphs in passing all the hurdles positively.

Now, let’s proceed with the article to know who Marcia Harvey is and her full biopic in detail. 

Who Is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey is an African-American author who is also well known for being the ex-wife of the comedic legend name Steve Harvey.

She married Steve Harvey in 1980. Due to some unforeseen situations, they both got divorced in 1984. Both departed from each other when she had two daughters and carried her third baby.

Steve Harvey is a TV host as well. There is a saying, “jack of all trades,” and he is known for this quality of doing all types of multi-talented work. He is not only a prominent stand-up comedian but also a TV host, actor, and producer. 

What Are the Books She Wrote As A Famous Author? 

After the odds and marriage failure after four years with Steve Harvey, she was encouraged to write a book, including Marcia: Eyes To The Soul’, ‘Marcia: Poems From The Heart,’ and ‘Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind’ which bestowed under her life struggle and how she has overcome it.

This is the motivation for her children. Along with too many hardships, she has proved to have a successful career in the fashion line.

What is Marcia Harvey’s Net Worth?

Are you curious about how much Marcia Harvey’s net worth is? As per our research, her net worth is $1 million. As discussed above, she is well-known as a former ex-wife of Steve Harvey but is also recognized as a famous author. All three years, her published books were priced at $0.99.

She earned this wealth from her successful career. Being a businesswoman, her involvement in various entrepreneurial ventures made her successful. The entrepreneurial endeavors helped Marcia Harvey accumulate her increased deposits and bank balance.

Her main commitment is giving all her time and age to her clothing line, “Lady Eloise.” However, she expanded her talents to the Steve Harvey Global brand. And also, she earned money from her book sales and from speaking.

Apart from being successful, she also gets a divorce settlement of $6,630 per month from Steve Harvey.

What is Marcia Harvey’s Age?

There is a saying: Age does not matter when you have the inner beauty of knowledge and style. Right now, she is in her 60s. Yes, Steve Harvey’s famous ex-wife is 69 years old!

She knows the secret of a glowing and flawless skin that reveals her beauty secrets. Moreover, her height – that everyone admires to her well-maintained personality, she is a truly a gem! 

Marcia Harvey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 22, 1955. She has a total of 8 siblings. Four sisters and three brothers. She is the eighth of all of them.

Marcia Harvey’s Height

Marcia Harvey, a famous African-American author, normally dislikes sharing her personal details. 

But through her appearance and pictures on the internet, it is clear that she has dark brown colored eyes and dark brown colored hair and is around 5 ft 5 in height with a weight of 62kg.

Marcia Harvey: Biography and More

In this section, the readers will come to know about her life, which is summarized in an encapsulated manner. Let’s start here:

Her Education: A Time for Excel

With a thirst for knowledge, Marcia Harvey was a bright student. In 1973, she graduated from Glenville High School. She did her higher education and completed her degree in chemistry. 

Before she worked in a sales job at a department store called Saks Fifth, she was a dedicated teacher for many years. Her name comes under the certification of intellectual prowess and commitment to personal growth when it comes to all her educational institutions.

Just A Glimpse of Her Love Beginning 

Little is known about Marcia Harvey’s early life except for the fact that she was born into an African-American family and they were not very rich. She was working in a department store named ‘Saks Fifth Avenue.’’ 

She had seen Steve a few years after this job, she presumed, at a mutual friend’s reception party. Then, they both became lovebirds, and they were married in 1980. 

When both tied the knot, Steve was working as an insurance salesman. So, both were blessed with twin daughters in 1982. Let’s start here.

Love Story and Marriage with Steve Harvey

Both love stories bloomed at a mutual friend’s reception party in 1981, and they fell in love with each other. Then, Marcia Harvey married Steve Harvey, who was an insurance salesman. 

During the marriage, they lived with each other and had twin daughters in 1982. Their marriage continued for fourteen years. 

Marcia Harvey and Steve Harvey were divorced in 1994 because Steve Harvey was very ambitious at that time to opt for a career as a leading stand comedian. 

Meanwhile, some news sources rumored that both departed due to cheating on his wife, and he left her alone when she was expecting their third child.

Her Children, Her Strength

Marcia Harvey has twin daughters named Jr., Brandi Harvey, and Karli Harvey; she has one son, Broderick Harvey. All three are biological children of Steve Harvey. The relationships between the three are very deep bonds. 

All are down to earth and very supportive of her mother. Her son is said to be a mommy boy. He is an American fashion designer. 

He has formed a photography studio known as the B. Harvey Photography Inc. And also owned a clothing site known as ‘Need Money Not Friends.’

Struggle And Triumphs

Steve Harvey left Marcia Harvey because of his selfish attitude; Marcia Harvey always stayed away from the media loop. She filed for divorce against his husband in 1993 when she was carrying her third child. Both were divorced in 1994. 

He has to pay $ 5100 per month for child support as the money, as his husband won’t pay, so she tried to take help of legal steps. When she moved to take legal steps then, his husband was found guilty, and he paid more than US$36K for the support.

She had to struggle a lot as a single mother. She brought her three children solely handily. Before the court trial of divorce, Steve had started residing with his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey. 

Later, the matter was resolved, and now they are all maintaining friendly relationships with each other.

Career & Achievement: Over Ambitious Stage

After departing as an independent woman, she managed all her three children like a one-handed woman. 

With dedication and strong willpower, she started her fashion line with her hardship, and with her hard-earned money, she has given her children a happy and lavish life to lead.

As a single mom, she has managed single-handedly and cared for her children. Her dedication and passion for work made her successful in her career.

Later, she became an author and wrote books like her first poetry book, ‘Marcia: Eyes to the Soul,’ which was released in April 2011. 

This book is inspired by her life story about Steve after their divorce as these two books won’t get famous more than she wrote other books, Marcia: Poems from The Heart (2011) and ‘Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind’ (2014), which were very successful.

A Pioneer In Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Marcia Harvey is an entrepreneur who has collaborated with various business ventures. As we discussed earlier, she has a clothing line and also plays an instrumental role in founding the Steve Harvey Global brand, which caters to a vast range of products and services. 

Before she was not known as the entrepreneur icon globally, she was working multiple jobs to support his family. Her steadfast belief in her indisputably contributed to her rise to stardom.

Marcia’s A Glimpse into Her Philanthropic Endeavors

Being a successful business venture, she was also a household name for noble philanthropic endeavors. She loves to help others by supporting them. 

She is linked with various charitable organizations such as education and women empowerment. Being a good person, she believes in becoming successful by positively involving herself by doing good work for society.

Does She Have a Social Account?

Marcia Harvey is a private lady who likes to stay away from any social media accounts. She is a low-key, down-to-earth lady who always likes to be aloof from social connections.


This article is the best piece of information about Marcia Harvey, who is unaware of her. There is a saying that when you are interested in knowing, this article is the best choice for you to accumulate in-depth information about her. 

In this article, you will get to know about her age, love life, net worth income, and how she stood up like a tall, stranded tree, which means that with lots of hurdles and obstacles, she never felt down or broke down. 

With her strong mind and willpower, she stood like an “unsinkable ship” that never submerged inside the water.


1. How many kids does Marica have with Steve Harvey?

Ans: With Steve, Marica has three children. They became the parents of twins Karli and Brandi and son Broderick between 1982 and 1991. 

2. Did Steve Harvey adopt a child?

Ans: When Steve got tied up with Marjorie, he legally adopted three children: Morgan, Jason, and Lori. 

3. How long was Steve Harvey married to Marcia Harvey?

Ans: This couple married each other in 1981, and after 13 years of togetherness, they filed a divorce in 1994.  

4. How many biological kids does Steve Harvey have?

Ans: Steve has married three women and is the father of four biological children and three stepchildren.

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