Who is Katy Perry Dating

Who does not know Katy Perry? She is known for her immense beauty, talent, and her career achievements. She secured her status as America’s biggest pop star. With this fame, many fans and followers want to know about her private life. 

So, for the people who do not know much about her and her private life, we are here to describe everything you want to know about her. Here, we will disclose her career accomplishments and a brief idea about “Who is Katy Perry dating.” Eager to know? Read on!

Who is Katy Perry?  

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson” is her full name; she was born in California, USA, on (October 25, 1984). She is a famous American singer and is known for her ability to be versatile.

She is also a famous songwriter and television judge at “American Idol.” There is a saying, “All that bloom and shine they make their path.”

Similarly, she has created what she has earned to date in her way!! She came into the limelight during the mid-2000s with her energetic pop songs that mesmerized pop lovers with her anthemic pop song themes.  

Katy Perry became more popular in 2008 with her chart-topping hit song “I Kissed a Girl”! After that, she became an iconic figure among best-selling music artists globally. Her dedication and passion for singing mesmerizing pop songs earned her many awards and fame.  

Katy Perry did good deeds known for philanthropic events. She has supported many charitable causes. She came to the forefront in support of LGBTQ+ rights. She talked about LGBTQ equality at the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Gala, which left the audience speechless.  

List of Hits Songs to Date  

Before going into her details, like who Katy Perry is dating, let’s check here her most popular hit songs ever, which drove fans, especially when it comes to male admirers, to become wild with excitement and enthusiasm. 

“I Kissed a Girl”   Released: April 28, 2008 
“Hot n Cold”   Released: September 9, 2008 
“California Gurls” (featuring Snoop Dogg)   Released: May 7, 2010 
“Teenage Dream”   Released: July 23, 2010 
“Firework”   Released: October 26, 2010 
“E.T.” (featuring Kanye West)   Released: February 16, 2011 
“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”   Released: June 6, 2011 
“Part of Me”   Released: February 13, 2012 
“Wide Awake”   Released: May 22, 2012 
“Roar”   Released: August 10, 2013 
“Dark Horse” (featuring Juicy J)   Released: December 17, 2013 
“Chained to the Rhythm” (featuring Skip Marley)   Released: February 10, 2017 
“Feels” (Calvin Harris featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean)   Released: June 16, 2017 
Katy Perry   I Think I’m Ready (Remixed) 2023 

Who is Katy Perry Dating?

Katy Perry, the pop sensation, is known not only for her chart-topping hits and pop songs but also for her love life, which is as amazing as a fairy tale story.

She is always in the limelight, not only for early relationships but also for high-profile marriages. Her dating history is just like a rollercoaster of romance and heartbreak.

Apart from her professional achievements, she also grabbed public attention for her personal life. High people have high lifestyles!! And their life is determined by themselves. She married British actor Orlando Bloom and gave birth to a baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom in 2020.

Katy Perry’s Dating History 

If you are wondering who Katy Perry is dating after her marriage, this section will give you in-depth ideas that, apart from the music icon, she is also in the headlines for her intriguing love life.

Here, stroll down your memory lane and discover the highs and lows of Katy Perry’s romantic journey.  

1. First Dating Start with Ravis McCoy – An Early Life Love Romance in Air!!  

Before the glitz and glamor of her global stardom, the story of her first love journey began with Travis McCoy, who Katy Perry dated earlier and is now a famous American rapper.

During the early chapters of her life, he was his budding and young lover, and the love sparkled everywhere in the air.  

Katy Perry and Travis McCoy’s first dating was just like a tale of youthful passion and shared dreams, and the sweet echoes of duo love birds marked the start of Perry’s romantic escapades. Starting in 2007, just within three years, the love affair ended, and why both have broken till now has not been disclosed.  

2. Second Dating with Russell Brand Era – A Mid-Love Story Affair! 

Who is Katy Perry dating in Mid-career of her music life? Pause for a moment…The story begins when she meets her soulmate again after a three-year break- with Travis McCoy, the British comedian, and actor Russell Brand.

When both were dating, it was just a union of two vibrant personalities. So, it was marked by a whirlwind romance.  

Both are seen together wherever starting from red-carpet appearances to grand gestures. Their love story leaves an indelible mark on their personal lives and turns a millstone in the page of celebrity romance history.

Then, both gave their love story a new name. They both tied the knot in October 2010, but it did not last for long; both broke their marriage and got divorced in July 2012.

3. Third Dating with John Mayer – A Love Story at the Time of Peak 

Who was Katy Perry’s date during the peak time when she gained more popularity as a pop singer? Katy Perry started to find love again with renowned musician John Mayer.

With collaborations, both have public appearances. The duo’s love relationship is marked by on-gain or off-gain nature, which means they broke up officially multiple times. Both break up a Love Affair !!

Do not come into the limelight because they tend to keep their personal life private. Might be busy schedules and individual career priorities forced them to break their relationship, a 2015 source said.  

4. Fourth Dating Mate – Diplo – Avery Short Span Love Story  

There is much speculation and rumors about who Katy Perry is dating. She was dating DJ/producer Diplo. However, it is not officially declared just their love story is rumored to have fallen in 2014.

They are both seen spending time together at Coachella and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere party. However, this love affair is just “inside the blanket “and never comes into the limelight, just like a fun, childish, and time-pass love affair.  

5. Fifth Dating Partner – The Orlando Bloom Romance 

Katy Perry found her love again with actor Orlando Bloom, whom she is dating for the fifth time. Their romance is just like “Romeo and Juliet,” where their whole tale is full of romance with the charismatic actor.

The duo love birds are seen everywhere, from red carpet appearances to many public events, which have shared moments of joy. The Orlando Bloom era in Katy Perry’s love life was amazing.

It covered many milestones, starting from engagements to marriage, which defined this chapter in the pop era of ongoing love stories. In 2020, they both welcomed a baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom. 

How does Katy Perry Manage her Love Dating Affair and her Passion For Music?  

Let’s look at other sequences of her, like how she balances her love life affair and singing career.

Managing a high-profile career along with your profession in the entertainment industry is a tough task, just like “searching for a star from many.” But Katy Perry’s dating all their life managed them very well with her professional life for music through various means: 

  • Maintain her Private Boundaries Away from Public life:  

While Perry is a public figure, she has maintained a certain level of privacy regarding her relationships. She is always one step away from the media coverage, not divulging every personal detail to them.

  • Her Pop Song as a Creative Expression:  

Perry is a well-known music singer, so she has used her music as a form of creative expression, which helps her captain inspiration from her personal experiences regarding her love relationships.

She portrays all her emotions and experiences in her art of music, which allows her to stay away from love and stress.  

  • More Focused on Work Ethics:  

There is a saying that when people are happier, some sorrows are kept inside their hearts. Similarly, when it comes to Katty Perry dating, life has many ups and downs, but still, she stays focused on her passion for music.

Her strong work ethic and commitment keep her calm when there is any love failure; this helped her achieve ongoing success. 

  • Support System at the Time Of Need:  

She has developed a good support system with friends like Mia Moretti, Shannon Woodward, and Markus Molinari, and one of the most supportive partners is her soulmate Orlando Bloom, her husband.

So, this network greatly supports and guides her during personal challenges and career pushback.  

  • Learned from Failure:  

Individual relationships and experiences from life teach a lesson to all, and the same thing happened to Perry’s personal life, starting from a love affair break-up to career accomplishment.

All are like Good Times and Bad Times!! So, she has learned from this. Finally, she is with her soulmate Orlando Bloom and has a baby girl – That makes her a happy family!  

Why was Katy Perry called Tabloid Fodder in 2009?  

In 2009, she gained the most attention in tabloids due to numerous aspects of her personal life. The term “tabloid fodder” because her life became more sensationalized and extensively covered in gossip magazines and tabloid media during this year.  

One of the main reasons for this grabbing attention in gossip magazines and tabloid media is the relationship and subsequent engagement with Russell Brand.

The whole attention was only on their whirlwind romance and their lavish wedding. Both are seen in occasional public antics, which make them the prime focus of tabloid coverage. Even also, the media covers her story about the numerous speculative rumors and love break-ups!  

Furthermore, she has become an iconic figure of her fashion choices, public gestures, and also for her open interviews.

For all these reasons, she was always in the limelight of the tabloid fashion page. She became a fascinating figure for celebrity gossip columns for her bold and colorful sense of style.  

Most of the tabloid news covers only familiar figures who are more sensationalized by their exaggerated personal life – And Katy Perry is one of them!

She is always in the limelight for the multiple love affairs that are discussed in this blog above. In 2009, she soared in popularity for her intriguing behavior, such as lots of love break-ups and being crazy for love birds to love them. For all these reasons, she was labeled “tabloid fodder.”  


This blog is perfect information for the Katy fan lover who wants to know about her whole profile, from her music list to who Katy Perry is dating and her dating timeline. Hopefully, you enjoyed the bloom of Katy’s life stories.  


1. Who is Katy Perry in a relationship with?

Ans: Katy Perry is in a relationship with Orlando Bloom. They first met in 2016, and now they live together as an engaged couple and are parents of an adorable daughter.

2. How long had Katy and Russell been in a relationship?

Ans: Katy and Russell got married in 2010, but after 14 months of being married, they divorced in 2012. 

3. Has Katy Perry been married twice?

Ans: Katy Perry is now engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she has a little daughter, Daisy. She was only married to actor and comedian Russell Brand.

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