Who is Dove Cameron Dating

Dove Olivia Cameron is a beautiful actress and singer. While hitting the stage and screen with her acting and singing skills, she was also ahead in hitting her romantic life with her high-profile relationships. Her fans are always curious to know her dating timeline and who she has been dating recently.

Are you also interested in knowing about Dove Cameron’s current boyfriend or want to uncover the timeline of her past relationships?

So, you arrived at the right article. Here, we will uncover her current boyfriend and also outline her past relationships over the years. Get ready to know the dating timeline of the actress Dove Cameron.

Who Is Dove Cameron?

Dove Olivia Cameron, now legally known as Dove, was born on January 15, 1996, and is the daughter of Philip Alan Hosterman, an acting coach.

Dove is a talented American actress and singer. She started acting in community theater when she was just eight years old. 

She got stardom from her television series on the ‘Disney Channel.’ Recently, she became worldwide famous for her new hit song “Boyfriend (2022).” She worked on various hit movies and TV shows and gained many precious awards. Check them out:


  • Cloud 9 (2014).
  • Barely Lethal (2015).
  • Descendants (2015 – 2019).
  • Hairspray: Live! (2016).
  • Dumplin (2018).
  • The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019).
  • Good Mourning (2022).
  • Vengeance (2022).

TV Shows

  • Shameless (2012).
  • Malibu Country (2013).
  • Liv and Maddie (2013-2017).
  • The Lodge (2017).
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2018).
  • Schmigadoon! (2021-2023).
  • Big Nate (2022).
  • History of the World: Part II (2023).


  • Daytime Emmy Award.
  • Best New Artist Award.
  • American Music Award.
  • MTV Video Music Award.
  • Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Cameron is also a part of a band and has signed many new albums and movies for the near future. With so much brightness in her career, she also holds a good limelight because of her dating timeline. Let’s discover her current relationship status and her dating timeline. 

Who Is Dove Cameron Dating?

Dove fans are dying to know who Dove Cameron is dating. Her name is currently linked with Maneskin frontman Damiano David. Although it is not confirmed when they started dating each other, it is assumed that their love started in September 2023.

For the first time, Dove was seen attending a Maneskin show at Maidson Square Garden back in September. She also added Damiano’s video on her Instagram Stories. The couple was later seen at another show in Brazil. 

Their holiday photos of Sydney were getting released on social media. While none of them have officially commented on their relationship, these hints show that she is dating Damiano David. 

Dove Cameron Dating Timeline

Now, let’s find out more about Cameron’s dating life. Keep reading to know the actress’s boyfriends over the years. 

1. Thomas Doherty (2016-2019)

Dove and Thomas’ relationship started in 2016 when they first met on Disney Channel’s Descendants 2. It is common for co-stars to develop a feeling while working together on set.

Thomas Anthony Doherty is from Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He is a Scottish actor and singer known for playing Sean Matthews on Disney Channel’s The Lodge and Harry Hook in Descendants. 

In December 2016, Dove committed to Seventeen Magazine that they were both in a relationship but wanted to avoid the public eye. But the media always takes the chance to capture their chemistry.

In 2019, she also commented on Entertainment Tonight, “I think if I’m likely to marry anyone, it’s going to be Thomas.” They also used to be spotted at various events and shared pictures, expressing their love and support for each other.

After dating each other for four years, they separated in 2020. She tweeted the breakup confirmation in October, writing: “Hi everyone. Thomas and I decided to separate. Although it was hard to break up, we still loved each other and decided to remain friends.

Thank you for granting us some privacy for this moment.” Things were “very amicable” between herself and Thomas following their split. After the breakup of such a serious relationship, Dove decided to keep her next relationship private. 

2. Ryan McCartan (2013-2016)

Dove’s first famous relationship was with Ryan McCartan, which started in August 2013 on the set of the Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie.” Soon, their on-screen romance turned into a real-life romance.

At the premiere of the show, they declared their relationship as public. Also, they created a band together named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher in 2016. 

Ryan Jerome McCartan, also known as Ryan McCartan, is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He got fame from Diggie Smalls on Liv, Maddie, and Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

He is known for his best performances on stage and screen, including the FOX remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and playing Fiyero in the Broadway production of Wicked.

Their relationship seems serious as they got engaged on April 14, 2016, which was later revealed by Dove in an interview with People in April 2016 and titled it as “first ever true relationship.” She also added that she feels connected with him, and everything seems perfect.

But this relationship did not work out. Within months of their engagement, the news came out of their separation. In October 2016, they confirmed that they ended their engagement on Twitter.

Dove commented on the relationship that it was not something she wanted. But they still love each other now also. Later, Ryan also wrote to his fans that this was a challenging and sensitive time.

Thank you for all your support. After this breakup, both the actors maintained a private personal life.

Dove Cameron’s Comment on Sexuality 

The Descendants actor always believed in keeping her life private, but once she came up and discussed openly about her sexuality. In August 2020, she came live on Instagram to engage with her fans.

In this live video, she addressed herself as “super queer” and identified herself as part of the LGBTQ community. Later, in 2021, in an interview with Gay Times, she disclosed that she is “bisexual” and revealed that the songs she made reflect who she is. 

Did Dove Cameron Date Alexander 23?

After breaking up with Thomas, Dove always tried to keep her next relationship private, which made her fans more curious about her personal love life than about whom she was dating. But Dove’s romance was again publicized when she passionately kissed Alexander 23 (Alexander Glantz).

In her music video, LazyBaby, on Friday, March 2, Alexander, 23, was his co-star with whom she shared immense chemistry by wrapping her arms around his shoulders and locking lips.

However, later, it was confirmed that they were not an official couple; they met for the first time during the video shoot. Alexander also shared a note of thanks to Dove for making him part of LazyBaby. 

Did Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce Date?

Dove Cameron and Boyce were never on a date with each other. Instead, they were more like best friends. Their friendship develops on the set of T.V. film Descendants in 2015.

Although it is assumed that they were dating while being friends, there were no official commitments about their relationship. They were often found officially speaking about their friendship. 

Boyce’s name was linked to many co-stars, but he never publicly commented on any relationship. In an interview, he said, “I am dating everyone, and I am dating no one,” to promote the film franchise.

In a fun way, he said I am dating Dove, Sofia, and Sofia’s sister, Reynolds, and D’Amico. In another interview with R.A.W., when asked who his girlfriend was, he replied, “Hard to get one.” 

Unfortunately, Boyce passed away at the age of 20 on July 6, 2019, due to an outbreak in his sleep, but his fans still want to know about his relationship status. On Cameron’s 22nd birthday, Dove shared some pictures and videos with Cameron as his memory. 


Dove Cameron is succeeding in her career and is known for her roles in Disney Channel and the “Descendants” film series. But the exciting thing is that she has also been in the limelight because of her relationship timeline.

Although she always tries to keep her private life away from the public eye and hides her relationship status, she is dating someone handsome, according to some clues from social platforms. 

There is no official statement from Dove, but from various sources, she is dating her ex-boyfriend Thomas, or according to sources, she is dating Damiano David.

Although Dove Cameron’s relationship with McCartan was her first genuine romance as they both got engaged in 2016, for some reason, they got separated. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for official comments on her love life.


1. When did Dove and Ryan get together?

Ans: These actors started dating each other in 21013 and formed a band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. 

2. Why is Dove Cameron’s name Dove?

Ans: Dove Cameron’s name was Dove Olivia Cameron, which she later legally changed to Dove to give tribute to her late father. Her father used to call her Dove. 

3. What year did Dove Cameron and Thomas start dating?

Ans: They both started dating in 2016 and confirmed in 2017. They first met on the set of Disney’s Descendants, where Thomas played Harry Hook. 

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