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If you’re a Marvel fan, you definitely know who Chris Evans is—Yes, The “Captain America!” Chris Evans is an American actor and global icon whose Marvel movies have been highly successful at the box office. He is among the highest paid in the movie business and is best known for his superhero role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This makes Marvel fans wonder how much he is worth, whether he is married, has kids, and many other details. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Marvel superstar. Read to discover Chris Evans’s Net worth, age, height, career, family, and some fun facts!  

Who is Chris Evans?

Chris Evans is a US-based actor, producer, director and model. Chris Evans has been acting professionally for about 27+ years and has more than 45 acting credits to his name. However, he shot to fame for portraying Steve Rogers in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films. 

While Chris is perhaps best known in this generation for his superhero character, he’s also gone on to pursue various other roles, including Buzz Lightyear in the animated film Lightyear and a scenery-chewing villain in The Gray Man.

He was named as the “Sexiest Man Alive ”, by People Magazine. Yes, he was very hot and handsome! Lisa, his mother, encouraged him to pursue a career in acting and also impacted his younger brother Scott Evans’s career as an actor in the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. He had a number of supporting parts before his Marvel break. 

Chris Evans: Biography 

Christopher Robert Evan, known by the stage name Chris Evans, was born on June 13, 1981, in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He was raised in Massachusetts by his parents, Lisa Capuano Evans and G. Robert Evans III. He has three siblings: Carly Evans, Scott Evans, and Shanna Evans. His younger brother, Scott, also happens to be an actor who has starred in many films, including One Life to Live,  

Even though Chris is close to every family member, their strong relationship has not always been easy. In an interview, the actor talked about how the shock of his parents’ 1999 divorce affected him as an actor and how his deep familial ties have shaped his career.

Chris’s mother, Lisa was The Concord Youth Theater’s artistic director. Evans loved musical theater and attended a number of acting camps as a child. Evans, therefore, began acting at a young age, playing the part of Randolph MacAfee in the musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Evans regularly participated in school plays while attending Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. His theater teacher was really pleased with the way he played Leontes in The Winter’s Tale. So, before entering his senior year, he studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and worked as a summer intern for a casting company in New York City.

Career and Professional Life

After completing his education, Chris decided to go to New York to try his luck in comedy and acting. Luckily, he managed to break into the profession, most notably with roles in TV series like Boston Public and Opposite Sex. 

Acting Career

In 2001, he made his screen debut in the teen comedy Sex Academy. However, the actor doesn’t stick to one genre; in the police comedy The Perfect Score (2004), he cheats on examinations with Scarlett Johansson; in the thriller Cellular (2004), he stars alongside Kim Basinger; and in London (2005), he seduces Jessica Biel.

His big breakthrough came when he secured his first superhero role in 2005. In the blockbuster Fantastic Four movie, based on Marvel comics, he plays Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch. The movie was so successful that a follow-up was issued after two years. 

Chris Evans is still experimenting with fire at the same time. He is a member of the Sunshine (2007) team, led by Danny Boyle, who is on a mission to bring the sun back to life. His next roles were far from science fiction: he portrayed a police officer opposite Keanu Reeves in At the End of the Night, discovered Scarlett Johansson in The Babysitter’s Diary, and worked with Anna Faris to locate his soul mate (S) ex-List. In the film Puncture, the lead actor attempts to transition into a more dramatic role. Unfortunately for him, the audience rejects him for his depiction as an addict on a crusade against the pharmaceutical industry. Chris Evans can now more than ever expect the comic book industry to recover.

Evans signed a six-film deal with Marvel Studios in 2011. Chris devoted himself for at least ten years when he took on the part of Steve Rogers, the young actor who became a Super-soldier during World War II. Following the release of Captain America, the film that introduced the superhero, the character he portrays becomes a member of the Avengers, a superteam that comprises the primary characters from Marvel Publishing, including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, and others. 

Director and Producer 

In 2014, Chris directed his first film, “Before We Go,” an independent love drama. In addition, he debuted on Broadway in Kenneth Lonergan’s “Lobby Hero” in 2018. Chris received positive reviews for his performance despite the show’s limited run. 

As a dedicated fan of the New England Patriots American football team, Chris Evans even provided the narration for the Patriots’ 2014 and 2016 episodes in the yearly NFL documentary series “America’s Game.”

Evans starred in the Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up” in 2021 after making a brief appearance in the 2020 Apple TV+ series “Defending Jacob,” which was based on the same-titled novel. Afterward, Evans portrayed Buzz in Disney/Pixar’s “Lightyear ” and starred in the thriller “The Gray Man ” on Netflix in 2022. In addition to appearing in Netflix’s “Pain Hustlers” and the action comedy “Red One,” Chris Evans most recently co-starred with Ana de Armas in the comedy film “Ghosted” on Apple TV+.

Politics Career

In an effort to bring together opposing viewpoints in political discussions, Chris Evans co-founded the website “A Starting Point.” After consulting with senators and members of parliament from both the Democratic and Republican parties, Evans conducted interviews for “A Starting Point.” According to him, the website aims to “create knowledgeable, responsible, and empathetic citizens.”

Chris Evans: Personal Life 

Chris Evans is married to Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actress. The pair tied the knot in a private ceremony on September 9, 2023. Apparently, the duo had been dating since January 2022, but their relationship wasn’t made public until Chris announced it on their Instagram story. The couple doesn’t have any children yet. 

Speaking of his other dating history, Chris Evans has dated, or at least sparked romantic speculations about dating a number of high-profile women over the years. Chris Evans and Jessica Biel’s relationship attracted a lot of public notice prior to his marriage. They even collaborated on two films, London and Cellular, after allegedly beginning a romantic relationship in 2001. 2006 saw the couple’s divorce. 

He was in a relationship with Christina Ricci in 2007 following their joint red carpet-appearance at the Met Gala. Actress Minka Kelly and actor Knives Out had an on-again, off-again romance from 2007 to 2014. Chris Evans dated Jenny Slate later in 2016 before deciding to break up respectfully.  

How old is Chris Evans?

Marvel actor Chris Evans was born on June 13, 1981, and is 42 years old as of 2024. Despite his age, Evans continues to maintain his youthful appearance and infectious energy. 

What is Chris Evans’s Height and Weight? 

Chris Evans might be popular as an actor, but there’s no doubt that he is also famous for his looks! Yes, he is incredibly handsome and has a perfect athletic body, even if Chris doesn’t think so. In fact, his transformation is a huge topic for many. He worked really hard to get that impressive shape for MCU movies. 

According to reports, Chirsh Evans is 6 feet tall, which is quite a bit taller than some of his Marvel costars. He probably weighs about 88 kg (194 lbs). It’s reported that he puts on an extra 20 to 30 pounds for playing Marvel roles. 

What is Chris Evans’s Net Worth in 2024? 

As a globally acclaimed actor, Chris Evans’s net worth is estimated to be around $110, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has been able to accumulate this massive wealth from numerous big-budget films.

After starring in Captain America, his salary increased. When Chris appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, he made an incredible $30 million yearly. He received $15 million for each of the three films he starred in: Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame. Chris’s overall earnings for his participation in the MCU are probably between $75 million and $100 million.

Oh, and of course, let’s not forget Chris’ illustrious foray into endorsements. He has partnered with well-known brands like Gucci, Hyundai, and Jinx, a premium dog food company. Today, Evans is among the world’s highest-paid actors.


Chris Evans spent an incredible $3.52 million on a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. In addition to this property, he purchased a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills for $1,260,000. The actor also possesses a home in Massachusetts, where he currently lives. 


Chris Evans is known for his philanthropic efforts outside of his acting career. He often sends donations to Christopher’s Haven, a nonprofit that offers cancer-affected families a shelter to stay. He also gives to charitable organizations that assist Nigerians, such as the GEANCO Foundation. The American actor also donates to other nonprofit organizations like No Kid Hungry, World Central Kitchen (WCK), Meals on Wheels, and Feeding America. 

How Is Chris Evans So Rich?

Of course, it’s because of Marvel! The actor has made a fortune playing Captain America in the MCU, both in terms of box office receipts and revenue from merchandise bearing his likeness. To say that Chris’ Marvel salary increased dramatically over time would be an understatement. He was apparently paid a “mere” $300,000 when he was originally signed on to play Captain America. 

He also played the masculine face of Gucci’s Guilty fragrance and starred in a funny Hyundai Super Bowl commercial with a Boston theme, both of which probably brought him a ton of money.

Chris Evans: Car Collection 

The Marvel actor is a fan of different sorts of cars, which are worth $50 million in total. Some of the cars he owns include: 

  • Lexus ES 350
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • Audi A8L
  • Audi R8
  • 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
  • Tesla Model S
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • vintage Ferrari 250 GTO

Chris Evans: Profile Summary

Full Name Christopher Robert Evan
Nickname  Chris Evans, Cevans, Captain Little Ass
Place of Birth  Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA
Date of Birth  June 13, 1981
Age  42 years old (as of 2024)
Height  6 feet (183 cm)
Weight  88 kg (194 lbs)
Current Residence Massachusetts, USA
Education  Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School 

New York University 

Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

Ethnicity British, Irish, German
Nationality  American 
Religion  Buddhist
Marital status Married to Alba Baptista (2023)
Children  Nil 
Profession Actor, Model, Film Producer, Director, Voice actor
Years active  1997 – present 
Net worth  $110 million (As of 2024)
Zodiac Sign  Gemini
Siblings  3 (Scott, Carly, Shanna) 
Instagram  @chrisevans
Twitter  @ChrisEvans

Interesting Facts About Chris Evans

  • Captain America’s full name is Christopher Robert Evans, and he is of Irish, Italian, German, English, Scottish, and Welsh descent.
  • The entire family was involved with the Concord Youth Theatre. 
  • As a child, he appeared in commercials and public service announcements in his hometown, Boston. 
  • His uncle, Mike Capuano, is very political and has served in the US House of Representatives of Massachusetts and as mayor of Somerville.
  • Evans started his career performing on stage with Boston Playwrights’ Theatre. 
  • Chris was a vegetarian but gave it up in order to beef up for film roles. 
  • Though he has worked in many comic films, he claims he rarely read any comic books as a kid. 
  • His brother, Scott, also pursued a career in film. 
  • Chris almost turned down the iconic role of Captain America, but his mother, Lisa, convinced him to accept the job with Marvel. 
  • He was named PEOPLE’s sexiest man alive in November 2022. 
  • Aside from theater roles, his first acting gig was at 15, for an educational video called “Biodiversity: Wild About Life.”
  • His on-set Marvel nickname was “Captain Little Ass,” which was given by co-star Anthony Mackie. 
  • Chris also appeared in a Marilyn Manson music video for “Tainted Love” in 2001. 
  • The actor was replaced by Michael B. Jordan in the remake of “Fantastic Four” (2015).
  • Tap dancing is one of his hobbies, which he learned from his mother. 
  • Chris dreamt of being a Disney animator when he was a kid. 
  • He got a matching tattoo of the Avengers comic with most of his original Avengers. The tattoo was designed to pay tribute to Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow. 
  • Although he comes from a Christian family, he considers himself a Buddhist. 
  • He has a soft spot for kids and often visits Boston children’s hospitals.


We have now discovered Chris Evans’s net worth and life background. Superheroes and comics are the two constants in Chris Evan’s Career. With a net worth of $110 million, he is best known for his extraordinary talent and his captivating look. His net worth is surely rising to unimaginable heights. With his incredible talent, he is sure to be remembered for a long time. 


1. What is the height and weight of Chris Evans?

Ans: Chirs Evans is reportedly 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 88 kg or 194 lbs. 

2. How many kids did Chris Evans have? 

Ans: Chris Evan, the Marvel actor, has no children. He got married recently, in 2023, to Alba Baptista. 

3. Who is the current wife of Christ Evans? 

Ans: Chris Evans got married to a Portuguese actress, Alba Baptista, on September 9, 2023. 

4. How did Chris Evans get so rich? 

Ans: Chris Evans became rich with his incredible acting talent. He made millions by appearing in big-budget blockbuster movies like Captain America, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four. 

5. How much did Chris Evans get paid for Marvels?

Ans: Chris Evans was paid $15 million per film for starring in Marvels.

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