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When it comes to the glamorous world of achievements and successes, the name “Denise Lombardo’ is more familiar to all. She is a renowned personality with a multi-talented brain. She became in more limelight after the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” played by actress Cristin Milioti’s role as Denise Lombardo. It is just a glimpse of this famous personality –Denise Lombardo. 

In this article, all Denise Lombardo lovers will learn about her early life, her remarkable career, and her triumphs. This article wants to unveil the enigmatic layers of Denise Lombardo’s life. Explore with us this journey of her life, including her biography, career, personal life, net worth, and the impact of how she became famous.

Who is Denise Lombardo?

Denise Lombardo is a well-known lady who became famous after the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Her role was played by Cristin Milioti – an American actress. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is based on the story of Jordan Belfort. She is a get-to-know as the wife of a reputed American real estate agent named Jordan Belfort. 

Jordan has three wives, among them Denise Lombardo, who was his first wife. Their married relationship continued (1985-1991). Denise’s ex-husband, Jordan Belfort, is a former stockbroker and a famous American motivational orator and book playwright. However, she has earned huge prominence for her career achievements and her gorgeous looks. 

What is Denise Lombardo’s Net Worth?

According to reports, Denise Lombardo’s total net worth is around $3 million to $5 million. However, she faced financial difficulties early on. She earned her substantial wealth basically from her flourishing career as a sales executive, flooring expert, and real estate agent. She also gets a good settlement from Denise Lombardo after the divorce. 

What is Denise Lombardo’s Age and Height?

Denise Lombardo was born in Ohio, United States (1 November 1963). As of now, she is around 60 years old. Her early life was full of fame and fortune. Her height is 5′2″ inches (157 cm).

She has two siblings named Lisa and Deanna and one brother named Paul. All her parents and siblings are Italian. Her father and mother’s names were Anthony Florito and Ann Lombardo. Her mother, Ann, was a nurse, and her father, Anthony Florito, was a businessman.

Denise Lombardo: Biography and More

In this section, you will learn about Denise Lombardo’s biography, profession, achievements, age, and net worth. Later on, we will explore her marriage life. Let’s kick start here about her roots and resilience.

Discovering Denise Lombardo: Everything About Her Life

Let’s discover here one by one about her early life such as her age, height, siblings, and where she was born:

Her Hobbies – What she likes to do?

Even also she is a leading real estate agent, Denise Lombardo has some hobbies too, In her spare time she devotes her time to doing such activities as;

  • Exploring new Things through Travel: Denise Lombardo loves to roam new places and likes to discover the world. She has traveled to many countries and has tried different cuisines of various cultures.
  • Cooking As her Passion: Denise Lombardo loves to cook and likes to explore new recipes during leisure time. Her mouthwatering recipes are good to eat and tasty too.
  • Reading to Gain Creativity: Denise Lombardo is a book lover. She likes to read various genres which relax her and she says that it helps to stay away from other worlds.
  • Volunteering as Her Noble Cause: She involved herself in many volunteering work for various social reasons. She has also helped many local homeless shelters and shown a supporting hand for animal rescue centers.
  • Yoga is for self-wellness: Denise Lombardo always wants to stay fit and fine so she always integrates yoga into her life practice. She used to do that to make her mind calm and that could keep her proactive with her busy schedule.

Denise Lombardo’s Most Things She Fond Of

Everyone has their own choice and liking or craving for some things and Denise Lombardo is also fond of a few things which are given brief insight here;-

  • The Food She Like More: She loves to eat Italian food such as pasta, pizza, and lasagna- This is dish only made with wine, garlic, onion, and oregano
  • The Colour She Like More: Denise Lombardo’s most lovable color is purple. She looks pretty and dazzling when she wears fashionable dresses with these colors.
  • The Animal She Loves the Most: Denise Lombardo loves dogs! She has two flurry pet dogs at her home. She likes to spend time with them.
  • The Book She Felt More Companion: Denise Lombardo fond of reading books, her most liked book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. She used to read motivational books most of the time motivational books and this book is also the same talking about your dream accomplishments and your needs in your life.
  • Most Watched Movie: Denise Lombardo likes to watch movies in their free time. The most watched movie is “The Godfather.”

What Are Her Educational Qualifications?

Her high school was completed at Bayside High School. After graduating from the same school. She enrolled her name at Adelphi University, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in English literature (1987). At Towson University she completed her Business Administration and Science course. Then step moves to higher studies at Australian Catholic University enrolled in the master’s level. Then there she graduated with a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration General.

Career – A Peak Time To Flourish

After completing her Master’s, she paved her way to be a businesswoman. She worked in the sales department of Modern Medical System Company from 1993 to 2000. When she started to grow up with the best businesswoman, she switched to Modern Medical System in the same year. Then, after that, she began her career at Home Depot Company as a flooring expert.

In 2006 and 2008, she worked with a reputed company called” Smith & Nephew Company.” She is involved in fashion projects in collaboration with leading brands such as Laurevan Shoe, Blu Marine, Genny-Byblos, and Stefano Bravo. The year 2010 was her lucky year as a step into the new journey of her professional life, stepping foot in the real estate industry.

Love and Lessons: Denise Lombardo’s Journey in Marriage

In this section, we will glimpse her married life, like how she met Jordan Belfort and their relationship. And finally, how was their marital life? Let’s check here for a brief overview:

She leads a simple life during her career accomplishments. However, when she entered the finance industry there, she met Jordan Belfort around 1985. Both are working in the same finance department. Their love story started through a friendship, gradually growing deeper and deeper. They became a duo of love birds and tied the knot to each other to take their relationship to the next level. However, Denise Lombardo was a very hardworking girl. Whatever she has earned till now, she has earned in her way.

Both departed over twenty years ago when her husband, Jordan Belfort, was red-handed by the FBI for a legal money laundering case. As usual, like a lovable and supportive wife, she stands beside him. Her husband, Jordan Belfort, earns much money doing illegal fraud and money laundering. After Jordan Belfort was jailed, Denise Lombardo was given a chance to reshape her life again. Even though she is named as ex-husband Jordan Belfort’s first wife, let me let you all know that she is a strong and bold woman who has proved herself as strong as blowing wind and overcomes all challenges that come into her life. She is all – She is a good mother, a good person. A good friend and even also a good businesswoman.

Post-Divorce Life Of Denise Lombardo’s

After her ex-husband Jordan Belfort was mutually divorced, she moved her life again by choosing her career again in real estate. Her dedication and effort turned her identity into an iconic real estate agent; she helped people make their dream homes.

She also found love again and got married a second time. She never gave up again and was not given a single space for her past relationship with Jordan Belfort. Instead, she lifted her dreams into a broader aspect as she involved herself in a charity cause. She volunteers to enhance her community to grow with a positive mind.

When his ex-husband was jailed in money laundering cases, the media coverage was too hype, so she did not entertain them and always kept away from any media coverage. When the final divorce settlement was between her and ex-husband Jordan Belfort, she never went to the media limelight. She is a passionate lady with lots of new things to be accomplished to new heights – Her way of thinking!! Her way of work, dedication, and efforts inspire us all!! This is called women empowerment!!

Denise Lombardo’s As Of Now!!

Now she is living in Ohio and has become a successful real estate agent. She has dedicated her life to helping others for a noble cause. She is spending her time with her family and friends, now she is not working. She married Nick Amato – A successful businessman. Both are married happily now and have three sons named Brett, Nicolas, and Matt.

There is a saying “Marriages are made in heaven” Although his first marriage was full of controversy and did not last for long, her second marriage with Nick Amato stands along with a happy love ending story. That means that “God has kept fate for you with bad and good you will surely have to bear” and the life of Denise Lombardo is full of turns and twists, which has taught a lesson to her how to deal with and to be happy with that.

She loves to read books and she watched many classic movies such as Gone with the Wind. She is a very kind-hearted lady who has raised money for various noble works. That is saying “All’s well that ends well” After so many challenges, she made her path to flourish and accomplish her dream. 

There is a saying when there is a will; then there is a way!! And Denise Lombardo is one of those whose willpower is very positive so she has made it possible!! There are no such words for her, nothing is impossible – Her passion and exploring new perspectives have given her new wings and a name.


This blog is entirely about the lady of passion and ambition – Denise Lombardo! Just read this blog and get inspired by her struggling life how she had overcome and how she has turned into a successful real estate agent although her name is dragged with her notorious man with his first husband – Jordan Belfort, is an American motivational speaker, book author all his dignity and his profession was in stake for this illegal activity of money laundering. Good Luck!! Denise Lombardo!! Flourish like a brightening star!! 


1. Who is Denise Lombardo Tie Knot to?

Ans: She married Jordan Belfort during 1985-199. His husband was a renowned motivational speaker and book author. However, all the happy days fade away!! When his husband is jailed for money laundering cases.

2. What is Denise Lombardo doing now?

Ans: Now she is a successful real estate agent staying in Ohio with her family and friends. She now leads a normal life away from media eyes and away from controversies.

3. How much money did Jordan Belfort’s first wife make?

Ans: His first wife is Denise Lombardo whose net worth is 30 million dollars. All these she has earned by herself. Her dedication and effort to accomplish her dream led her to come into this position.

4. How many siblings does Denise Lombardo have?

Ans: She has two siblings named Lisa and Deanna and one brother has his name is Paul.

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