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Do you remember “Iron Mike”—the tough, brave, and inspiring guy?! Yes, we’re talking about Mike Tyson, a legendary heavyweight boxer of all time. He is also known as “Kid Dynamite” and “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” Ever since he initially gained notoriety in the 1980s as an almost unbeatable boxer, Mike Tyson has captivated the attention of people worldwide. Since then, he has created waves in and out of the ring. 

Mike Tyson couldn’t resist the impulse to get back in the ring and will take on Jake Paul on July 20, 2024. Since fans around the world are waiting for this big moment, let’s get into a bit of Mike Tyson’s life. How much money has he earned over his career, and how much is he worth? 

This blog covers everything from Mike Tyson’s net worth to career to children and everything in between. Read on.

Who is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson was the most popular and highest-paid boxer in the world. He won 50 fights, 44 by knockout, to become the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990. He retired in 2005. At the pinnacle of his career, he was among the most prominent sports personalities worldwide. Having all three heavyweight titles at once made him the first boxer to do so. At twenty, he became the youngest champion in history. 

He retired in 2005, yet his reputation has remained practically as relevant as it was when he was dominating opponent after opponent.

He hasn’t fought since 2005, when he failed to come out for the seventh round against Kevin McBride. However, this wasn’t actually his last fight. His most recent fight was with Roy Jones Jr.’s Nov 28, 2020, exhibition bout, which ended in a draw. 

While Sky Sports dubbed him “The most ferocious fighter to enter a professional ring,” ESPN named him “The Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History.” When ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson won his first world title in WBC heavyweight boxing and until the end of his career, he regularly demanded some of the biggest paychecks of the time.

Mike Tyson: Biography 

Michael Gerard Tyson was born June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. His father abandoned him shortly after he was born, forcing his mother, an addict, to marry another man. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last, and his mother died when he was only sixteen. D’Amatto took over the role of his legal guardian. 

He had been in trouble with the cops several times in his youth but eventually demonstrated skill as a boxer. His manager was happy to mentor him since he saw potential in him. 

Tyson has one brother and one sister who died of a heart attack in 1990. He also has a half-brother called Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick. Tyson currently resides in Seven Hills, Nevada, with his wife and seven children. 

During childhood, Tyson frequently fought with older kids who made fun of his lisp. A former boxer and a juvenile detention instructor spotted Tyson’s fighting expertise in school. He worked with a few trainers before he was paired with Cus D’Amato, a trainer who would significantly impact the boxing champion of the future. 

As a child, he looked up to the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. When Mike was fourteen years old, he witnessed Ali lose to Larry Homes in a match for which Ali had come out of retirement. Tyson was disturbed by this and called Ali the following day. Ali heard Tyson swear retribution on Holmes. 

After seven years, Holmes decided to challenge Tyson, who was clearly the stronger fighter and came out of retirement. Before the bout, Ali Muhammad, who was sitting ringside, told Tyson, “Remember what you said, get him for me.” Luckily, Mike won the fight, stating it as one of his best moments to date. 

  • Legal troubles have put a stop to Tyson’s career; one such instance involved a rape conviction that resulted in three years in prison. 
  • Tyson spent three years detained at the Plainfield Correctional Facility in the 1990s, during which time he converted to Islam.


With that, we sum up Mike Tyson’s net worth and his biography. Mike Tyson is a former Boxing Legend known for his incredible power and speed in the ring. He was popular not just for winning fights but also for his tough personality in and out of the ring. He seemed unstoppable. With lots of hard work and effort, he grew up to become one of the most lively and ferocious boxers of all time. Despite his ups and downs, Tyson remains one of sports history’s most recognizable and influential figures.

Mike’s talents as an amateur boxer showed he had a bright future. In 1981 and 1982, he took home gold medals at the Junior Olympic Games. In 1985, he debuted his boxing career when he stopped Hector Mercedes via knockout in the opening frame. He boxed 15 times in his debut year as a professional. Twenty-eight of Tyson’s fight victories were via knockout, sixteen of which came in the opening frame.

Boxing Career 

There have been highs and lows throughout Mike’s career path. At the beginning, he was the youngest heavyweight champion in history. However, he later had to deal with some difficult personal and legal matters. In spite of every obstacle, he never gave up!

Following his victory over Hector Mercedes, Mike Tyson looked unstoppable. He had fifteen knockouts at the end of the 1985 season, having won every bout.

Tyson received a lot of media attention and became known as the heavyweight champion of the future because of his incredible early-career victories. He participated in his first televised fight during his second year of professional boxing. Mike fought with Jesse Ferguson and won the fight. Tyson faced Trevor Berbrick for the WBC heavyweight championship in the same year he was handed his first title battle. By technical knockout in the second round, he prevailed in the battle. Following this fight, Tyson gained notoriety for his strength, timing, accuracy, speed, coordination, and ability to intimidate opponents.

Movie Career 

Interestingly, Mike remained a prominent figure in pop culture inside and outside the ring. Over the years, he has made several cameos in TV series and movies as himself. “The Hangover” and “The Hangover II” were the most well-liked ones. 

What is Mike Tyson’s Boxing Record?

The professional boxer ended his career with a record of 50 wins (44 KOs), six losses, and two no-contests. As the youngest heavyweight champion in history and the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the three-belt period, Tyson’s devastating striking power allowed him to knock out 33 of his first 37 opponents.

Tyson knocked out twelve of the first 19 opponents in the opening round of his career. In 1986, he faced Trevor Berbick for the first time in the world title fight and won the second round via technical knockout.

By defeating then-IBF champion Tony Tucker by unanimous decision in 1987, Mike became the first fighter to unify all three heavyweight titles and establish himself as the undisputed champion. 

In 1996, Tyson became one of six boxers to lose and then win a heavyweight title again when he defeated Frank Bruno via third-round TKO. This victory came after three years in prison. Shortly afterward, Tyson suffered consecutive defeats against Evander Holyfield. Tyson lost three of his final four fights and announced his retirement in 2005.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Match 

Nearly 19 years after his last pro fight, Tyson is all set to face Jake Paul in a professional boxing match. The heavyweight bout is scheduled to take place on July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Fans worldwide will be able to watch live on Netflix. 

Mike Tyson: Personal Life

Outside of boxing, Tyson’s personal life has been a subject of much scrutiny and speculation. He has been married thrice. Unfortunately, he got divorced from both of his first two marriages—to Monica Turner and Robin Givens—after unpleasant truths emerged. Tyson had been charged with domestic abuse by both women. Truly, money can’t buy happiness! 

Lakiha Spicer is Mike’s third wife at the moment. After being married in 2009, the pair had three kids together. Although there have reportedly been ups and downs in the marriage, it has remained intact.

How Many Children Does Mike Tyson Have? 

In addition to his boxing, many don’t know that he is the father of seven children from three different women. His first daughter, Mikey Lorna Tyson, was born in 1990, whom he shares with Kimberly Scarborough, a woman he was dating but did not marry. 

Prior to this, from 1988 to 1989, he had been married to Robin Givens; however, the two were childless. In 1996 and 1997, respectively, Mike had his 2nd and 3rd children with Rayna and Amir Tyson with his second wife, Monica Turner. 

Afterward, he had his 4th and 5th children named Miguel and Exodus Tyson, with a woman he dated, Sol Xochitl, in 2002 and 2005. Sadly, Exodus passed away in a freak accident on the home treadmill at four years old. Lastly, Mike had his 6th and 7th children, Morocco and Milan, with his third wife, Lakiha Spicer. 

What is Mike Tyson’s Net Worth in 2024?

At his all-time peak, his net worth was around $300 million. According to the Celebrity Net Worth site, Mike Tyson’s net worth is nearly $10 million as of 2024. Although many people would be thrilled with a net worth of $10 million, it might be hard for Mike to feel the same way, considering that his career boxing earnings of $700 million were enough to make him among the highest-paid athletes in the world, as per Forbes.  

Even after he stopped boxing, Tyson engaged in various ventures, such as business and entertainment, that contributed to his overall wealth.

His biggest income came from the 2002 heavyweight bout against Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas. With Tyson knocked out in the eighth round, Lewis was able to keep all three of his heavyweight title titles. Despite losing, the fight brought in over $103 million for him. Millions of people watched the fight on pay-per-view, bringing in $75 million. 

Where Did Tyson Spend His Money? 

Tyson’s complex relationship with money has been well chronicled. The boxer is known for wasting millions of dollars over his career while living a luxurious life. 

He spent millions of dollars on cars, mansions, jewelry, expensive gifts for strangers, and even a collection of Bengali Tigers. Each tiger costs $7 million, and he hires animal staff for $125,000 annually!

However, Mike Tyson’s extravagant spending habits ended up bankrupting him in 2002 after he retired. According to reports, he owed almost $23 million when he filed for bankruptcy. This amount includes $9 million from the settlement of his second marriage, $13.4 million in overdue US taxes, and $4 million in overdue London taxes. 

He also purchased multiple residences. 50 Cent will eventually acquire ownership of his 21-room Connecticut estate. There was a casino and nightclub in this mansion. In addition, Mike purchased homes in Ohio, Maryland, and Las Vegas. His Ohio estate had a basketball court, swimming pools, and gold-plated furniture. 

What is Mike Tyson’s Age?

Mike Tyson was born on June 30, 1966, and is currently 58 years old. Yes, he will be 58 when he takes in Jake Paul on July 20, 2024. 

What is Mike Tyson’s Height and weight?

Mike Tyson is 5 feet 10 inches tall and is quite huge. Although Tyson’s weight on bout night is unknown, a fight needs to weigh more than 200 pounds for both competitors to be classified as a heavyweight match. Tyson weighed 220.4 pounds during his most recent exhibition fight in 2020, which was also a heavyweight bout.

Undisputed Truth: Mike Tyson

The boxer has also written a memoir about his life as a celebrity. The book Undisputed Truth details the boxer’s entire life—happiness, troubles, despair, and all in between. It is available on Amazon.  

Mike Tyson’s Car Collection

Over the years, Tyson has invested his money in a number of rare supercars. He admired luxury car brands like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and McLaren; eventually, he had to auction them off to raise money to pay the tax collector. Some of the high-end cars he owns are as follows: 

  1. Rolls-Royce Corniche
  2. Rolls-Royce Silver Spur
  3. Cadillac Eldorado
  4. Mercedes-Benz 560 SL
  5. Lamborghini Super Diablo Twin Turbo
  6. Jaguar E-Type
  7. Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
  8. Ferrari F50

Mike Tyson: Profile Summary

Full Name Michael Gerard Tyson
Nickname/s Iron Mike, Mike, Kid Dynamite, 
Place of Birth  Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Date of Birth  June 30, 1966
Age  58 years old (as of 2024)
Height  5 ft 10 in (177 cm)
Weight  99 kg (220 lbs)
Current Residence Henderson, Nevada, Las Vegas Strip 
Ethnicity African-American
Education  Tyron School for Boys, NYC

University of Texas at San Antonio 

Nationality  American
Religion  Revert Muslim 
Marital status Married (for the third time)
Children  7 children 

(Mikey, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Exodus, Milan, and Morocco)

Relationship Status  Married 
Profession Professional Boxer, Athlete, Film Producer, Actor
Years active  1985-2005 
Net worth  $10 million (As of 2024)
Zodiac Sign  Cancer
Siblings  1 brother (Rodney)

1 sister (Denise) 

Instagram @miketyson
Twitter (X) @miketyson
YouTube  @miketyson

Interesting Facts about Mike Tyson

  • Mike Tyson’s real name is Michael Gerard Tyson.
  • The boxer claims he was bullied as a child. He described himself as “a little fat kid with glasses.”
  • He was arrested dozens of times before the age of 12. 
  • His role model was Muhammad Ali. When he saw Ali in prison while he was serving his sentence as a teenager, he decided to take up boxing.
  • Mike faced Hector Mercedes in his professional boxing debut, and Mike won via first-round technical knockout. 
  • Mike Tyson holds the record for the youngest Heavyweight Champion at age 20.
  • His peak net worth was approximately $300 million back then. 
  • According to Forbes, Mike even became the highest-paid athlete in the world in 1990, a feat he repeated in 1996.
  • He had three Bengal Tigers as pets. 
  • Mike Tyson married three times and has seven children in total.
  • One of his daughters, Exodus, died at four when she was playing on a treadmill. Exodus was accidentally strangulated when she tripped and tangled her neck in the machine’s cable. 
  • Tyson once spent $2 million on a 24-carat gold bathtub for his wife.
  • He has a tribal tattoo on his face that represents his warrior status.
  • Apart from that, he has several tattoos on different parts of his body. He has tattoos of Mao Zedong, Che Guevera, one of his ex-wives, a dragon, and tennis star Arthur Ashe.
  • In August 2022, Mike Tyson appeared in a cameo role in the Telugu-Hindi film “Liger.
  • Legal troubles have put a stop to Tyson’s career; one such instance involved a rape conviction that resulted in three years in prison. 
  • Tyson spent three years detained at the Plainfield Correctional Facility in the 1990s, during which time he converted to Islam.


With that, we sum up Mike Tyson’s net worth and his biography. Mike Tyson is a former Boxing Legend known for his incredible power and speed in the ring. He was popular not just for winning fights but also for his tough personality in and out of the ring. He seemed unstoppable. With lots of hard work and effort, he grew up to become one of the most lively and ferocious boxers of all time. Despite his ups and downs, Tyson remains one of sports history’s most recognizable and influential figures.


1. How big and tall is Mike Tyson?

Ans: Mike Tyson is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 100 kg (220 lbs). 

2. How much money will Mike Tyson make on the Jake Paul fight? 

Ans: Unofficial sources say that Tyson Mike will earn $20 million in the upcoming fight with Jake Paul. However, it’s not confirmed.

3. How much is Mike Tyson worth in 2024?

Ans: Mike Tyson is worth approximately $10 million as of 2024, even though he has retired from boxing. 

4. What was Mike Tyson’s highest-paid fight? 

Ans: Mike Tyson’s highest-paid fight was against Lennox Lewis in 2002. He reportedly earned $35 million in this eight-round fight before being defeated by knockout by The Lion. 

5. How much did Tyson weigh in his prime fights?

Ans: Tyson disclosed that he weighed about 99 kgs (218 lbs) during his prime fights. 

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